Are you ready to showcase your works in another platform?

Are you a playwright, poet or fiction writer? WOULD YOU LIKE ANOTHER PLATFORM TO SHOWCASE YOUR #WORDS AND #WORK? Whether well-known, published and acclaimed, or a novice writer and unpublished from anywhere in the world, if you feel there is need to reach a wider audience; feel free to contribute (in English) to one or […]


At the close of work, I sat at the lobby waiting for Pamela to finish with some mails she had to send while I tried to keep busy with my smart phone. I’m older than Pamela but she was the sweet newest recruit in the company at the moment. Pam was the real definition of […]

Children Theatre: The Princesses and The Prince’

The Princesses and The Prince’: A story of kindness Eminent Creators Children Theatre has put together a musical production entitled ‘THE PRINCESSES AND THE PRINCE’ as our end of year play production. This is a story of two sisters in a palace waiting to be chosen for marriage by an unknown prince. One is excited, […]

Like A Leech

“girl, get yo’ head outta yo’ ass and give them brothers somethin’ to look at. You kno’ you is got a fine ass that’s never suppose to be locked up? Allow a good brother to give you some and you’ll feel better in minutes”, as always, Candice was all for ‘them brothers’. I don’t understand […]

Bitch 1

Deji and I were just getting the spark we needed in our relationship after visiting a counselor to help our relationship blossom. This tall, dark and well chiseled man smelled like bubble gum and knew his fashion and bedroom onions. He was a complete gentleman who understood the meaning of ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ […]


I knew I was not the only one in his life; But, I had to be the only one who could do what no other could do to him (at least here on earth). From my exhausted position on the bed, I watched as he jogged off happily. The plan was to make him exhausted […]

Everything about Sandra Adeyeye, the brain behind camp art

If you’ve been asking, Who is behind Camp Art? This is everything you need to know about the originator of Camp Art, “…a one week live-in camp for children of a stipulated age group to partake, have fun and still learn the rudiments of the theatre.”A project that has got the endorsements of Eddie Iroh, […]

Interview with Sandra Adeyeye, CEO of Eminent Creators

Early this year, a passionate actress, Sandra Adeyeye, came up with the idea of nurturing the younger ones in the art of acting; this gave birth to Camp Art. EbooksCafeng spoke to Sandra Adeyeye about this project, and the progress made by her team so far… Please, can we meet you? I am Sandra Adeyeye, […]