Political Observation: Restructuring in Nigerian Context

#PoliticalObservation | #RestructuringNigeria Restructuring has dominated Nigeria’s political discuss in the last five weeks or more. Those who came up with the word wanted better governance for every Nigerian. But more definitions of the word from different strata, ethnic groups, and disgruntled political opponents have made restructuring more complicated than it’s meant to be. I’m […]

#PoliticalObservation: Andrew Yakubu’s Whistleblower to get N151.9million, will FG fulfill that pledge?

N3.039billion was the total sum recovered, so far, from a former GMD of Nigeria’s oil corporation, Mr. Andrew Yakubu; thanks to Nigeria’s anti-graft agency that worked on the information provided by a whistleblower. According to the Nigeria’s Whistleblower Policy, the source of the info is entitled to 5% (=N151.9million) of the recovered amount, but will […]

#PoliticalObservation: Presidential Task Force on Food Security, A tale of unnecessary committee

Presidential Task Force on Food Security Acting President Yemi Osinbajo on February 1, 2017 inaugurated Presidential Task Force on Food Security. It showed, as ever, the seriousness of the Buhari-led administration to make effective change in the lives of the common masses, but there were different interpretations to the mandate of the task force. Chief […]

Political observation: Democracy in Nigeria’s perspective

“Some are traveling from London to Moscow in order to terrify Washington.” As a Nigerian, I pay less attention to promises made by Nigerian politicians during electioneering campaigns because they hardly fulfill 20% of what they promised. I don’t hate them, but I dislike the way and manner they coin and weave words to state […]

Political Observation: Total Freedom of other 200 Chibok Girls should be Nigeria’s Priority

Political Observation: Swap or no swap, Total Freedom of other 200 Chibok Girls should be Nigeria’s Priority Note this… Two types of negotiations are involved in freedom deal. They are: 1) Cash-for-Prisoners Exchange 2) Human-for-Prisoners Exchange The third one-Military Action-is an option not a negotiation The families of the 270 abducted Chibok Girls were over […]

Political Observation: Buhari’s Many Media Aids

While it’s understandable that a president of a country needs sound minds to manage his media unit, having six media aids in a country that’s battling with its economy is an act of extravagance. In President Muhammadu Buhari media team are 1) Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, 2) Senior Special Assistant on Media and […]

Political Observation:How to End Nigeria’s Economic Recession

“I reduced my convoy to five vehicles and you cannot buy fuel unless I’m in the car.”—Peter Obi, former Anambra State Governor Since the economic challenges facing Nigeria started, I’ve heard more than sufficient solutions on how the acclaimed giant of Africa could get out of it. Recession has always been part of ordinary Nigerian […]

Political Observation: Building The Nation Through Budget Padding, Corruption and Impunity

Let’s put it straight: Budget Padding is Forgery The recent revelation by the deposed Appropriation Committee Chairman in Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin, tells us that the federal lawmakers are not ready to repent in their financial recklessness, impunity, and uncontrollable corruption dubiously perpetrated by Nigeria’s National Assembly: The Senate and The House […]