5 ways Nigerians can save money on car repairs

Owning a car is one of the most expensive aspects of many Nigerians’ yearly spending. A car is the 2nd largest purchase that most consumers in Nigeria make, after a home. But, it’s a fact that costs never stop when you own a vehicle. Aside from insurance and fuel costs which are certainly a big […]

Peugeot 301 is Nigeria’s 2016 Car of the year

Mercedes Benz S-Class wins 2016 luxury car of the year Peugeot 301 is Nigeria’s 2016 car of the year, thanks to the majority votes it received from new vehicle lovers in Nigeria who participated in the selection process that also involved online voting. Peugeot 301’s award ended the reign of Kia Rio, which won 2015 […]

What’s the recommended tyre pressure of your car?

Find the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle Disclaimer: Please always consult your vehicle handbook for your exact recommended tyre pressure Some weeks back I got a WhatsApp message from my boss and I thought it’s a usual office question and directive, “what’s the situation report from your department?” “Go represent me at… But it […]