Golix to raise $32million across Africa in GLX token sale

Zimbabwe’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform, Golix, is not relenting on its planned ICO sale to raise $32 million. The crypto platform isn’t exclusively focusing on Zimbabwe, rather expanding its token sale to other African countries like Kenya and Uganda sales of which is expected to take off this month. It’d be recalled that Golix’s Initial […]

Fake ICO promoters arrested in China for alleged $47 Million fraud

Promoters of Pu’er Coin have been arrested by the Chinese law enforcement agency for cryptocurrency fraud, where they’ve raised millions of US Dollars from the market. They have been accused of defrauding 3,000 Chinese investors amounting to $47 million by selling Pu’er Coin, which they claimed was backed by a commodity, Guangdong Daily reports. The six suspects formed […]

Facebook resumes Cryptocurrency Ads

Facebook has resumed cryptocurrency-related Ads after four months of ban. It initially banned crypto ads amid fears of fraudulent activities allegedly being perpetrated via such promotions. Infobase.com.ng reported how the largest social media platform took the bold move at the end of January, 2018 banning all ads that promote cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, and Initial Coin […]

Telegram cancels ICO after raising $1.7 Billion in presale

#ICO | #Telegram One of the World’s largest and secured messaging app Telegram has cancelled its intial plan of launching its public initial coin offering (ICO) after raising $1.7 billion. Telegram’s planned ICO was aimed to fund the development of its “third-generation blockchain.” The Wall Street Journal reports that Telegram determined that it is pleased […]