How to Check Google News Application Status | Website Submission Rules

#GoogleNewsApplication If you’ve already submitted your website for listing, then you only need to check your application status. To do that, use this link (your gmail as login) to Check your Google News Application Status: Usually it takes between 1-3 weeks to review your application, but it could even be faster than a week. […]

CPC Drops Across AdSense Publishers | Advertisers Responsible-Google

Over the past three days, publishers have complained about massive drop in Cost Per Click in their Google Adsense. “Cost Per Click (CPC) refers to the actual price you pay for each click in your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns,” Word Stream On Google Adsense forum, publishers complained about drop in their CPC. But this hasn’t affected all publishers […]

Hip-Hop 44th Anniversary: Google creates special Doodle to celebrate

Internet search-load Google has created a special Doodle to celebrate the birth of hip hop featuring interactive turntables which users can mix samples from legendary tracks. The hip-hop Google Doodle custom logo becomes first of its graphic logo to celebrate the anniversary of hip-hop. Who created 44th hip-hop Google Doodle? The custom logo graphic was famed by […]

Google Rolls Out Adsense Update to Reduce Annoying Ads

#AdSenseUpdate Recently Google bans pop-ups and pop-down ads, but it seems Google is taking more steps further to better improve users’ experience. In a recent ad experience research carried out by Coalition for Better Ads, it’s discovered that the way and manner which some publishers place ads made some web users to install ad blocker […]

Six Great New Features in Google Search Console

The main purpose of Google coming up with Search Console was to help webmasters monitor and improve their sites’ performance. But things have even gone better than when it was launched more 10 years ago. Today, Google Search Console has embedded in the tools more than two dozen reports and tools covering AMP, structured data, and […]

Using Badges on Google’s Image Search as Traffic Tactics

Use Badges on Image Search to Help Users Find What they Want | Google’s Image Search Image search can now help you find exactly what you really want while on mobile devices because of relevant badges on the thumbnails, thanks to Google’s Image Search Team. Currently, Google have badges for recipes, videos, products, and animated […]

Google is no longer the default search engine on Chrome in Russia

  Google is no longer the default search engine on Chrome in Russia | Yandex, available Google will now let Russian users pick their default search engine on its mobile browser. That’s unusual! Two years ago, the largest search engine in Russia, Yandex, accused Google of unfairly excluding it from Google’s operating system and […]

3 Methods of Getting Adsense Verification PIN

There are three different methods through which you can receive Google Adsense Verification PIN in your country. What is Adsense? AdSense is a source of revenue platform established by Google for site owners, or bloggers for them to display targeted ads next to their online content. Simply put, AdSense is an extra way you can earn from […]

How to choose default Search Engine in Mozilla Firefox

Five Simple Steps on how to select a default Search Engine in Mozilla Firefox There are more than 200 search engines in the world, including general search engines, P2P search engines, metasearch engines, geographically-based search engines, accountancy, business etc. According to ecloudbuzz, less than 20 of these search engines have been tagged as “the best […]