NpowerNG Solutions Blog is Up for Sale

#Blogging Do want to own a completely built blog without stress? If you answered in affirmative then it’s time to buy NpowerNG Solutions with the domain name Benefits: 1) Running Adsense on the blog 2) $54 Adsense balance 3) Custom domain 4) Good traffic from Nigerian youths 5) Area of coverage: N-power updates, scholarships, […]

How to stop your Adsense account from being disabled

You’ve probably read stories of disabled Adsense account, most of the affected bloggers cant really understand why their account was banned. Here are some of the few measures you can put in place to stop your account from being banned. If your account is suspended, it lasts for 30 days, and Google will give you […]

Page-Level Ads Setup Guide (for WordPress& Blogger)

Page-Level Ads by Adsense is a new way to display ad formats in order to monetize your content in a user-friendly way, so here is the guide on how to set up page-level ads on either WordPress or on Blogger. But first… Advantages of Page-Level Ads Page-level ads are easy and simple to set up […]

What is Safe CTR in Google Adsense

Is there really anything like Safe CTR in Google Adsense? This question is imperative because I’ve read some young  webmasters expressing fears about the percentage of (Adsense) Ads that are clicked on their website. But first.. What is CTR The abbreviation CTR stands for Click Though Rate. Simply put, it is the the number of times […]

CPC Drops Across AdSense Publishers | Advertisers Responsible-Google

Over the past three days, publishers have complained about massive drop in Cost Per Click in their Google Adsense. “Cost Per Click (CPC) refers to the actual price you pay for each click in your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns,” Word Stream On Google Adsense forum, publishers complained about drop in their CPC. But this hasn’t affected all publishers […]

Google Rolls Out Adsense Update to Reduce Annoying Ads

#AdSenseUpdate Recently Google bans pop-ups and pop-down ads, but it seems Google is taking more steps further to better improve users’ experience. In a recent ad experience research carried out by Coalition for Better Ads, it’s discovered that the way and manner which some publishers place ads made some web users to install ad blocker […]

3 Methods of Getting Adsense Verification PIN

There are three different methods through which you can receive Google Adsense Verification PIN in your country. What is Adsense? AdSense is a source of revenue platform established by Google for site owners, or bloggers for them to display targeted ads next to their online content. Simply put, AdSense is an extra way you can earn from […]

Blogger of the month: Usman Okoya aka moko, proud owner of gurusarenna and other websites reveals how he makes dollars online

Blogging in Nigeria has become a profession and means of livelihood, no doubt some upcoming bloggers have seen it as an escape route. But one of the passionate bloggers tells Opeyemi QUADRI of infobase how long it takes to earn from blogging Give an introduction of yourself I am Okoya Usman, A Graduate of Computer […]

Top 30 online news sources for bloggers: Part I

There are thousands of resources from which you can find content for your blog post, but let’s narrow it down to the top 30 most effective online news sources for Nigerian bloggers, and others from around the world who love writing. Blogging has to do with passion. If your main target of blogging is to […]