How to Buy USI-TECH Bitcoin Package with Debit/Credit Card on Luno in Nigeria | List of Luno Supported Countries

This guide- How To Purchase Usi-Tech Btc Package Using Luno Debit/Credit Card Option– is prepared for those who want to purchase BTC package on USI-TECH in order to start reaping the benefits of bitcoin through USI-TECH approach. Bitcoin is a digital currency that enables you move and store money without control. And also enables you […]

Bitcoin Boom Keeps me Awake at Night-Poloz says

The head of Canadian apex bank Stephen Poloz has said that the popularity and every minute growing of bitcoin keeps him awake at night. He confessed that one of the things that makes him to lose sleep: “the noise I keep hearing about cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.” Poloz who told attendees at the Canadian Club of […]

Why Does Malaysia Want Digital Currency Exchanger to Reveal Identity and Transaction Details of Bitcoin Investors?

#BitcoinRegulations | #DigitalCurrencyLaws | DigitalCoinsRegulations Malaysian government isn’t a fan of cryptocurrency and it’s not hiding it as it plans to monitor the use of digital currency within its territory, a move that negates the operation of bitcoins. The guidelines are still under public review and if it becomes effectives it mean cryptocurrency trading platforms […]

How To Use to Buy, Sell And Convert Your Bitcoin To Your Preferred Currency

#BitcoinTrading is a person-to-person bitcoin trading site, where traders in 248 countries, including Nigeria can exchange their local currency to bitcoins and vice versa. Here are some of the unique features of localbitcoins since we started using the platform: It allows you to advertise yourself as a bitcoin seller to a wider audience. It […]

Bitcoin Early Investor Is Donating 9, 887 BTC (over 176 Million US Dollar) to Charity

#BitcoinCharity One of the early bitcoin investors (Bitcoin Whale), who wants to remain anonymous, has announced that he had budgeted 9, 887 bitcoin to charity causes around the world, that is 176,528,776 US Dollar presently. The philanthropist launched his bitcoin charity website Pineapple Fund where genuine and verified charity organizations could apply. Since its launch, […]

Is Moscow Becoming Mining Tourist Centre as it Plans Building Europe’s Largest Cryptocurrency Mining Farms?

#BitcoinMining Despite regulations from the government, report says that regional authorities in Russia are planning to attract European mining firms and investors by making available cheap electricity and developed infrastructure as incentives. With this motivation, 150 cryptocurrency firms in the metro area are ready to take the advantage. Moscow’s Cheap Energy is an advantage! Chairman […]

Digital Currency Expansion as Japan Issues Licenses for 11 Bitcoin Exchanges

#BitcoinNews JAPAN: 11 Bitcoin exchanges in Japan have gotten the operation approval as they got licenses from Financial Services Agency (FSA) today. The licenses are coming on the heels of Japanese authorities’ directive that cryptocurrency operators must be registered and recognized by the government by the end September, 2017. The government’s directive is to help […]