N-power Complaint Support Email for 2016 and 2017 Batch of Volunteers

Do you know you can actually get solution to your N-power problem through the official N-power complaint support email?

In this post, we’ve separated the e-mail you use as 2016 batch, and the one you can use as 2017 batch, we also have sample of how to send your complaint.

The separation in the complaint e-mail address is to quickly track cause of issue, it’s advisable to send your complaint to the appropriate e-mail.

  1. 2016 First Batch of Volunteer: support@npvn.desk-mail.com
  2. 2017 Second Batch of Volunteer: volunteersupport@npvn.ng

This is in addition to the fact that you can now send complaints directly to N-POWER within your NPVN portal with ease.

Do you still have some issues with N-power? This post will show you how to get them resolved by simply sending a message to support centre of N-power.

When the 2016 N-power registration closed, the job initiative team made available the option to directly chat with any of its support agent online when it has to do issues relating to password, correction in volunteers’ bank details and other errors.

Unfortunately, the option to chat with N-power staff via the NPVN portal had been removed because most of your questions have been sorted out in the support link.

If you are 2016 batch, you can simply use the N-power Complaint Support Email support@npvn.desk-mail.com

If you are 2017 batch, please use the N-power support email: volunteersupport@npvn.ng

If you are among the 2017 shortlisted candidates, you can also use the above email to contact N-POWER Nigeria for support. But that will only be possible when you’ve been deployed.

In a situation whereby you can’t find solution to your N-power issues on the support section of NPVN Portal, it then becomes imperative for you to send message to N-power complaint support email for your issue to be resolved.

Top of the reasons why you may want to contact N-power Support agent are:

  • Unpaid stipends
  • Error in your bank details
  • Unmatched name etc

Whatever the reasons are, send your complaint to: N-power Complaint Support Email support@npvn.desk-mail.com (2016 batch);volunteersupport@npvn.ng (2017 batch)

Follow the format below to reach out to N-power Complaint Support Email.


How to use N-power Complaint Support Email

Please clearly state your problem in the following order:

Full Names (First name, middle name, and last name)

Email: (let it be the email you used during application period unless there’s error in the email)

Account details: (your account number)

Bank Verification Number (BVN):

Place of Primary Assignment (PPA):



Phone Number:

Send to: support@npvn.desk-mail.com (2016 batch)

Send to: volunteersupport@npvn.ng (2017 batch)

Here are the numbers to call:

1) 08104000042

2) 07013000448

3) 08180000832

4) 08155000502

5) 07063827141

6) 09029845349

7) 08060414596

8) 08064721654

9) 08032104248

10) 07061135700

11) 08060426227

12) 09026804126

That’s all.

 Other N-power Contact methods

  • Twitter: Create a twitter account and ask your question by mentioning @npower_ngin your tweet, your inquiry would be attended to. N-power is very responsive on twitter than Facebook.
  • Nairaland: Another active medium to contact N-power which volunteers and applicants haven’t adequately explore is Nairaland, the most famous forum in Nigeria. An N-power dedicated trend has been created for the purpose of attending to N-power problems: @NpowerNG on Nairaland
  • Instagram: @Npower_ng
  • Telegram:@NpowerNG
  • Facebook: @NpowerNG

You can ask your question here or head straight to N-power official social media channels.

207 thoughts on “N-power Complaint Support Email for 2016 and 2017 Batch of Volunteers

  1. Good evening sir,my name is obichere Louisa chika ,from imo state I have not received My backlog stipends comprises of december 2016,January 2017 and may 2018 Pls sir help me ,my phone number is 08039144091.


    Hi Obichere, Please login to your NPVN portal to send a reminder to N-power if you already sent a complaint. If you haven’t sent complaint, send a fresh one.

  2. My name is AFOLABI IYABO Rukayat, please the text books on my device is no longer opening. Any time I try to open the books, it brins up two boxes, to fill in my device I.D and a login section.

    I have tried using the number on the box that my device came in with but to no avail. I use Speedstar device. Please is there any suggestion as to what can be done cause I cannot afford to buy textbooks for the class I teach.


    Hello Rukayat,

    Sorry about that, it’s possible you’ve tampered with APK, or someone else did. However, you can send your complaint to devicesupport@npvn.ng. The email is specifically meant for N-power device issues.

    You also get more info HERE (N-power device support Email)

    All the best.

  3. Good evening, my name is Ngi ortese blessing on my profile they have interchange my name, the first name is on the surname and my date of birthday is13/12/1985 not 10/1/1986 ,.please a beg for correction


    Hello Blessing, We don’t think you should be worried about that, if your BVN isn’t altered, if your banking details are correct.

    But in a situation whereby you’re still worried, please login to your NPVN portal to send your complaint to N-power support team.

    Alternatively, we’ve provided the complaint e-mail in this post, choose the one applicable to you.

    Thanks for using Infobase Media Nigeria

  4. Good day sir, I have tried editing my profile to correct my names that were not arrange properly and bank details but it is not approve yet, what will I do?

  5. My name was not well arranged, Npower I’d number was not inclusive
    Bank’s name and account number was not inclusive.

  6. Gud morning sir,
    Am waiting 2016 beneficiary in 2017 batch B, I mistakenly confirm without knowing that my bank name, account number, my npower ID is not display and phone number instead of my phone number is my bvn display. This is my account details :
    Bank name :Heritage bank
    Account number :1911074389
    Bvn :22305834317
    Phone number :08062881981.Please sir I need your help, I don’t know what to do, I don’t want my salary to delay.

    1. Hello Aderonke, Please login to your NPVN portal to get this done. You may not be able to edit it yourself, but you can use the REPORT ISSUE button to tell N-power to effect the change for you.

  7. Good evening Npower My name is Udeh Rita Uju I am 2017 beneficiaries I cannot confirm my profile because Bank name changed to UBA instead of Union bank pls I need your help to it from UBA to Union bank. Here are my correct details.UDEH Rita Uju. My bvn is 22……75 my bank name is Union bank and my account no is 0056113582 my state is katsina state LGA is katsina my address is opposite Mani house my PPA is agric unit I am 2017 beneficiaries my phone no

  8. Good evening Npower My name is UDEH Rita Uju I cannot confirm my profile because My bank name was changed to UBA instead of Union bank pls i need your help I am 2017 batch b beneficiaries

  9. Good evening Npower My name is Udeh Rita Uju I am 2017 beneficiaries I cannot confirm my profile because Bank name changed to UBA instead of Union bank pls I need your help to it from UBA to Union bank. 07030757592

  10. My names are sekegh Azaawe Christiana . in my place of assignment network problem that is my major problem to reach am late at current news also please help.

  11. Good morning sir, my name is Ian Terkumbur Doris, I’m 2017 NPower beneficiaries, I’m trying to adit My bank name, but no avail, my bank name is union bank not UBA bank and I can’t confirm my profile when my account name is wrong please I need your help

    1. Hello Doris,

      Please you can’t directly edit your name, please send your correct name to the complaint email provided in this guide. Or you login to your NPVN portal to send the correct name and state reasons why you are making the change. Check our previous posts on how to go about it.

  12. This is my correct phone number 08067433984 NOT 08076433984,i have reported to help and support but no correction has been made. Kindly help me rectify the mistake so that i can be able to receive messege via your official social media channel. Also, my correct date of birth is 06\03\1982 Not 05\03\1982, it was mistakenly written as 05 instead of 06. Could you please help me correct the mistake in order to make it correspond with one on my IDcard. This is my Email: Olaemma06@gmail.com, Thanks

  13. Your Comment Here …good morning I am jimoh idayat I want you to help, my account number and my bank name is not display and I have confirmed it and I don’t no what to do here is my phone number 07039492167,

  14. i want you to help me my account number that i use is blocked i try to edit on my profile to change my account number its shown me invilid surname and first name, on my profile my surname is Banau middle name Banau first name faruku, on my account that i use to change my surname is faruku first name is Banau, I want to you to aceess pls this is the account that was blocked 0013386624 stanbic IBTC bank my new account is 0730970273 access bank

  15. I’m a nbuild volunteer from 2016/2017 have not been paid and below are my correct details
    Name: Chiteje isioma
    Acc num:
    Acc name: Chiteje isioma peace
    Bank: U.B.A bank
    State: Delta state
    Gmail: Chiteje.isioma946@gmail.com

  16. Dear sir,
    This is to inform you that I have been having difficulty with logging into my account. I discovered that my password isn’t working and it keeps asking me for OTP which I don’t understand. Kindly assist me in guiding me on what to do so as to update my profile with respect to date of birth, gender et cetera.
    Thanks in anticipation.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Oikerhe Oshuware Stephanie

      1. Good day sir My first name is Ahmed Mohammed Bello and. My birthday is 11/05/1993 not 20/10/1988 that is my correction thank you

  17. Oladokun Kehinde Olatunji please my name is not arranged in order in my bin my last name is my surname which is Oladokun while the first name is other name which is Olatunji. Please kindly follow this name. Oladokun Kehinde Olatunji thank

  18. omitted of my middle name and also changes my date of birth pls here are my correct detail:
    fullname:Ibrahim Aribi Raphael
    Date of Birth:07/06/1990
    pls sir this are my error that need correction in my profile,am from Kaduna state N-health Batch A,2016 beneficiarie

    PPA:Primary health care kagarko,Kagarko L.G.A,Kaduna State

    1. Hi Aribi, For your security we removed your pin and password. Please keep your login details secret to you.. Please login to your NPVN portal, click help and support, from there click report issue, then follow the instruction from there. You will have to select profile as your main complaint tittle, and let your message title be ERROR IN NAME, and type your real name and other things you want Npower to change for you.

  19. Non payment of stipends from December 2016April 2017
    Account no: 0054375232
    N TECH
    Benue state
    Makurdi L G A
    Phone no : 09095150052
    Bank name: Jande Aondoakura Aloysius
    Diamond bank

    1. Hi Aloysius,

      N-power new NPVN portal has embedded options on how to send complaint to the support directly without having to send such to the email provided in this article again.

      Login to your NPVN Portal

      Click Help and Support

      Then click report Issue

      From the option select PAYMENT as the reason you’re contacting npower support

      Give your message a title,

      Type your message in the message box, and send.

  20. Good morning Npower Officials.Please, I really need your urgent attention.Am having a challenge on my OTP number.

    I have not gotten any.

    It is not recognizing my e_mail address,it only recognize my phone number.Each time,I fill in, my date of birth,the last four digit of my BVN ,no message will be sent to me on my phone based on the OTP,thereby writing invalid information.

    Pls,I will be delighted, if this challenge is tackled,Thanks.

    1. Hi Ogechi,

      Please check one of our recent articles on how to get solution to your OTP problem.

      Also, check your inbox whenever you generate new OTP, N-power always send OTP to your phone number and your phone number.

      It’s possible you’re not definitely getting something right.

      Give us feedback

  21. N-POWEER 2017 NPVN
    Below are my correct details
    BANK:FIDELITY BANK 6070044297

    Kindly help me correct it on my npvn portal.
    Thank you.

  22. Gud day,i have some problems in my profile. My Npower ID,Bank name, Account number do not show. And I want to change my phone number instead of my phone number is my BVN number is here. Please i need your help, I don’t know what to do.

  23. Gud morning, I have greated my otp. But i don’t see my npower ID number, bank name and my account number.I want to change my phone number instead of my phone number i saw my BVN number in that place. Please I need ur help what can i do.

  24. i have a problem with my date of birth the correct is 10/11/1989 not 10 /5/1983 please help and change it for me thank you

  25. Please my payment was on on hold since last year DEC. And my issued av been solved and you people av paid me for April. So my backlog now is from DEC to March. Pls help me with my backlog.

  26. Am Aregbesola Henry oluwasegun, one of Npower beneficiary from Ekiti state, I was verified successfully, but I did not received last message to be able to generate OTP code to be able to add my bank details..over since last week now.I sent my information s to their mail and have not been replied.my number 08060892865.kindly help me out to resolve the issue pls

  27. Good day Sir/Ma,
    On my npvn profile I realized there was a mistake on my middle name instead of Olutoyin, they mistakenly double typed Olutoyin. I don’t want this to delay my salary, I will be glad if necessary corrections will be made in regards to my name. This is my full name BOLANLE OLUTOYIN JEROME – AKINKUOTU.
    Thanks in anticipation and favourable reply.

  28. Pls npower, my name is idongesit Okon Jacob, N-Agro-2017. There is an error in spelling of my first name. My name is idongesit but am seeing idorenyin, pls I want it change in other not to affect me. Thank you

  29. Gud afternoon sir,
    Am among the 2016 candidate u select .Finding my otp is very hard, please what can i do. Help me. Thanks

    1. Hi Aderonke, Npower Team is aware of the challenges the 2016 awaiting list are facing. They are working on it. In the meantime keep trying .

      We will keep you updated.

  30. I am one of d 2017 Npower and I did my physical verification by now now my name is not out that my verification was not successful pls can I know reason

  31. hello Npower team and in the batch 2 who but am trying to edit my profile to upload my passport and ID but its not editing each time i click, whats the problem pls. what should i do to complete my registration.

  32. i failed to upload my profile picture (Passport) and Identification card, after accessing my password and OTP numbers. later on, I was proceeded to my profile dashboard without the uploading details. How can it be resolved?

    1. Hi Rabiu Sadi Mato,
      Refresh the page, or log out and re-login. If your details are not showing yet, it means they were not initially uploaded. Try to re login again

      1. I did the same as you said by re-login, but initially they were uploaded because i was at that stage when my system shut down, when i charge the system, there wasn’t any resume, so as i login again, i was taken directly into the dashboard without uploading them. i cross checked any possible link to upload it through the dashboard but couldn’t find it. please if there any way to tackle the issue please help.

        1. Rabiu Sadi,
          I am having the same problem.
          Just exactly as you did.
          Please, any way forward or solution, please help us.
          Thank you

          1. i have the same problem,please if u have any solution to it please contact me on 08032964084.

  33. please I did not recieve my monthly data for this month on my AFRIONE DEVICE.I collected the device on 26 march 2018.please I need your response urgently.

  34. I am Nweye Kennedy James Philip Oluwatodimu, a beneficiary of N power. This program has affected my life and family positively and in a large way.
    I am an handicapped and I am yet to receive my stipend for February 2017.
    my details is follow:
    Name: Nweye James Philip Oluwatodimu
    phone number: 08060094217
    Email: kennedyphilip080@yahoo.com
    Bank name: Access Bank
    Account name: Nweye Kennedy James
    Account number: 00495220049524510.
    Kindly help me to use your good office to effect this payment.
    Yours faithfully,

    Nweye James

  35. My name is BAKARE MUNIRAT OLAJUMOKE i am among the 2016/2017 batch that have not been paid salary i have been sending my complain to the npower support portal and nothing as been done about it.

  36. correction of wrong email/non payment ( from February 2017 to date March 2018.)
    Email: enyinmercy@gmail.com
    ACCT N0. 2084267988
    BVN N0: 22340896233
    PHONE: 07037533830

  37. Am having issue with unmatched BVN which i have resolved . please kindle help me correct my date of birth on my profile (09/09/1988) and my correct account name is ADEYEMI ELIZABETH AJOKE, I sent a mail since but nothing was done to it. THANKS

  38. Pls sir the materials and text books in my device is not functioning, its affecting my impactation of knowledge to the learners.Pls do well to assist me to enable me teach effectively. Secondly, I have not receive my backlog payment of December and January 2016 and 2017 respectively as all my colleagues have received theirs. I really need ur assistance on these cases inorder to encourage and motivate me. I’m expecting a good reply.

  39. Pls sir /ma the materials in my device and the text books has never function and still not functioning. It’s affecting my impactation of knowledge to the learners.Pls do well to assist me to enable me teach and impact knowledge effectively and efficiently.

  40. Good day, I wish to find out if we are grouped in two category, I was sent a text for registration in otukpo for training whereas i applied fornpowerbuild in makurdi. We were given a number to text our trade name and phone number there at otukpo, which i did,since then no message sent to us, and when I call that until June before we the second category will be called,can npower help clarify me on this, am confuse about and devastated after spending a lot to transport myself to otukpo thanks.

  41. I lawal Rukayat Nike (08165716201) an N-power,N-Teach beneficiary from kwara state (offa) .
    I here by to inform the Npower management that l am yet to receive my three months backlogs of January ,February, march.
    I was posted to my place of primary Assignment on December 1st ,2016 and since then am doing my best .
    Pls, sir\ ma, l want you to consider me and help me out of the little problem.
    May God reward you abundantly.Amen

  42. My name is Esther onyeche, please I have not received my device and my salary has not been paid for 8months. I want to an Mtn office were I was directed but they told me to chat you So that I can get an approval from you.. Pls help me.

  43. Please sir /ma my materials and text books in my device is not functioning,pls assist me for better and effective teaching. I have tried to rectify it, but it states that pdf is not available

    1. Hi Ndieze Luke Chidube, please try to contact npower support centre first. I guess someone or you’ve unintentionally tampered with your device APK.

      Alternatively, you can restore the app from another volunteer who uses the same device as you, and in the same programme as you

  44. My name is Faith Mbanan Anosike and i wish to bring to your notice that, as at the time i apply for N-POWER Build, was known as FAITH MBANAN ITYOGEMA but has now changed my name as a result of marriage to FAITH MBANAN ANOSIKE and so wish to bring it to your notice as a result of changed in bank details.NAME:FAITH MBANAN ANOSIKE, ACCOUNT NO: fcmb (removed for security reasons) , BVN(removed) N-POWER Build- PAINTING AND DECORATION, BENUE-MAKURDI BEHIND MIDWAY -IN LOGO1 MAKURDI. Phone number removed

  45. I’m Deborah Ifeoluwa
    I wish to apply for redeployment because I was posted to my previous location.
    I’ve tried sending mails and I’m unable to chat on my portal.

    1. Hello Deborah, there is no provision for redeployment in N-power, unless you’re able to convince your state focal person with cogent reasons why you want to. But there is provision for resignation if you’ve found a better job.

      The only reason you could be redeployed is if you’ve been posted erroneously. And if it’s you ought to have stated so since December 2016.

      Please talk to your state focal person because N-power headquarters won’t respond to such email.

  46. My name is Samson Otsonu Onghazi with email address: onghazisamsonotsonu@gmail.com.
    I have not been recieving my mothly stipend since the begining of the Npower programme only to be disconnected from payment without knowing the cause. Please can you help me sir/ma? Other information about me are
    1 Acc Detil GTBank {0027964609}
    2 BVN {22175716960}
    3 State/LGA: Benue State/ Makurdi Local Govt
    4 Phone Number: 08139071071

    1. Hello Samson, Please forward this complaint to the support email provide in this post.

      Npower team have been trying to address this kind of issue since payment began January 2017 till date.

  47. To who it may concern: Good day Sir/Madam. Iam a Akuwunze Harrison Chinonso from Awo-omamma in Oru East LGA of Imo State. i filed my documents/credentials with regard to N-power programmme requirements on 12/12/2017 in my residential LGA but surprisingly, i got an information yesterday that another verification exercise was done by N-power officials from Abuja about one month ago. As a matter of fact, i was not informed by any of my LGA officers who collected my credentials and phone number claiming to have be working under Npower Division. As it stands now my file and some others was found abounded at my residential LGA desk and iam missing out in the verification exercise done by the Abuja officers.

    Please kindly proffer solution to my problem as i do not know my faith with regards to the final shortlisting of names and posting. Thank you in anticipation of your kind gesture. Here is my number 08067660313

    1. We’re not aware of another verification please. The list of earlier verified applicants had already been sent to Abuja. Beside, if you’re one of the 2017 batch, you have to be patient as NPOWER is yet to release its final list.Please don’t be deceived .Only NPOWER has final say about NPOWER list.

      Be patient until the final list comes from NPOWER headquarters

  48. My nteach software application has disappeared from my floss signature tablet. What can I do to have it installed, thank you.

  49. Pls my salary have not been paid since October and have never experience things like this before. Pls what can I do

  50. Please I am Ezeako Lilian Onyinye from Orumba south LGA Anambra state
    I have not been paid my last year December stipend

  51. My problem sir, about the back lock payment I had not been paid for January stipend and I suppose to see it outstanding in my payments history on my Npower account profile. Please help me. My account number is 0179126490 Gt Bank and my bvn number 22332599056 my local government is Arewa local government Kangiwa My state is Kebbi, here is my phone number 08067802865

  52. Gud morning sir..pls I need help concerning my device dat has sim fault I went 2 samsung 2 repair it and samsung said they re going 2 change d panel of d tab Becos d sim Port came with d panel nw dis is where I need help 4rm u I dnt know if they configure anything inside d tab samsung said I shuld ask npower if they can change d panel of d tab Becos changing d panel is like giving me a new tab so I dnt know hw I will go about it..pls sir I need ur reply tnksss.

  53. My name is Victor Ogieriakhi. I haven’t been able to access my profile on my device since collection. It is telling me unauthorised. What should I do so as to access my profile?

  54. My name is Victor Ogieriakhi from Edo state.I collected my techno device on the 3rd of November 2017 since then I have not been able to access my profile till now.

  55. Good morning sir/madam. I collected my techno device on the 3rd of November 2017 since then I can’t access my profile.

  56. i yahaya mohammed, i collected my device [TECNO DROIPAD] on 13th October 2017 and the device shut down by its self while working with it and refused to comes up on 31st October 2017. what should i do to get it replaced.
    from minna Niger State. [chanchaga LGA]

  57. I Jafar Muhammad N-power Volunteer, I have not select my device, i went to different cafe for selection. it’s written wrong username or password. Please Sir how can i select the device or you should select me SAMSUNG product. Sir i received some message from your office that i belong to batch B for picking, when the distribution of batch B device will start. i am waiting your respond.
    Thank you Sir.

    Janet Okon Etukuko
    Account No: 3017980495
    BVN No: 22176072458
    Bank: First Bank
    Address: 7, Edjeba Road, Edjeba, Warri, Delta State
    State: Akwa Ibom
    LGA: Ikot Abasi
    Program: Health
    Phone No: 08039383192

    1. The chat feature is no longer working. Please send complaint email to support centre

      Please clearly state your problem in the following order:
      Full Names (First name, middle name, and last name)
      Email: (let it be the email you used during application period unless there’s error in the email)
      Account details: (your account number)
      Bank Verification Number (BVN):
      Place of Primary Assignment (PPA):
      Phone Number:
      Send to: support@npvn.desk-mail.com

  59. Please I selected my device and after d selection I saw device on hold. Please does that mean I have selected a device. If no how will I know if I have selected a device?

  60. I applied last year in Lagos state. Got to know I was wrongly posted to oriade local government in Osun state in march this year because I was busy cheeckig my name under Lagos state,I’ve been to Osun state for verification and posting and I was told I can transfer it to Lagos state but since then, I’ve not been paid.I am also having log problem to my profile pls help me. Thanks

  61. i am ogunwale oyewole jeremia, i was only paid for two months since and my update profile is correct. pls help me. even i have not gotten logo on my profile so that i can register for device, please kindly assist me. i am from Ekiti State

    1. i am Ogunwale Oyewole Jeremiah, i was only paid for two months since and my update profile is correct. please help me. even i have not gotten logo on my profile so that i can register for device, please kindly assist me. i am from Ekiti State

  62. please I need an urgent assistance. I applied for tax but I want to switch over to teach,please what will I do to avoid double registration.

    1. You’ll be called by npower official.

      Npower support centre phone numbers are:

      Npower Support Centre MTN Lines


      Npower Support Centre Glo Lines


      Npower Support Centre Etizalat Lines for Unpaid Volunteers


  63. Good day,I need help bcos I have been selected and I can’t remember my password and username. I need a way out.Thank you .



    I have resumed work for some months now and been keep directed to different locations in fct concerning who to tender my complaint which has to do with PAYMENT OF ALLOWANCE.

    Please treat.

    thanks in anticipation

    1. Good evening, I have been selected for npower teach, I have selected my device but as at the time I needed to upload my picture and print out the page for evidence at the collection center perhaps,
      I have been straggling to log into my account.
      Please, what can I do.

  65. Pls i have corected my account name and bvn name to match with my npvn profile name.all other information’s are corect.but am yet to be paid.pls kindly look into it so as to get paid

  66. please assist me I don’t have access to login to profile whether to select device or check verify logo,payment status,kindly help me sir .user name 07033815883,password azeez.thanks. 4RM AZEEZ WAHEED OLALEKAN

  67. Am osondu ambassador Philip, from river state, my name was shortlisted and I have done all The verifications And update requirements but I have not received any stipend. I will like you to look into my matter and help me resolve the problem for me so that I can start receiving my stipends.

  68. My problem is on interchange my surname and first name in my bvn. And I have done the correction of that in my bank. But my account name is no more in my profile, please how can I edit my profile so that I can write my account name. I have not received any salary since the beginning of this program, please help me out.

  69. Please sir am oweh oluwafunke favour N-teach beneficiary from ondo west LGA, I had my verification exercise on 17th December 2016 and I was posted to my ppa on 18th January 2017, have not been paid December to March stipends due to misspelt surname when I was applying for this program and incorrect account number, have been trying to edit my profile but am finding it difficult sir, last month I uploaded my Bvn page and I also sent a mail to selection@npower.gov.ng but have not been paid sir, pls kindly help me

  70. IAM one of the corps member but since the inception of this programme I have been received any stipend but what I notice as the root of the problem is that I apply with n-power with the name I bear on my certificate as AZEEZ WAHEED OLALEKAN BUT IN my bank acc U B A I bear ABDULAZEEZ ABDULWAHEED O. I have updated with the bank acc but now when the money is paid can I HAVE OPPORTUNITY TO change the bank acc to another one that correspond with name i bear in npower

  71. Good day sir, I just received one month stipend today instead of two month because my other colleagues in my state Kwara state received last month and this month respectively.

  72. I have not received any stipend allowance at all. Please help me out. My name- Agbeni Omolayo hellen.
    Account name- Apolola Omolayo hellen
    Account no- 0036824198
    BVN no- 22262707671.
    I have married that is why my name was changed from Agbeni Omolayo hellen to Apolola Omolayo hellen and during the verification at the state level I have submitted my wedding certificate and changed of name. Pls help me out. Thanks so much for your consideration.

  73. I have not been verified and my monthly stipend is not forthcoming. I was screened, updated my bank details,how do I know if my data base is correct, the problem should be made known to us, this will help both parties.

  74. I have not been paid ooo, I screened thrice, first in my Local government Area, second in my local government area of residence and lastly I submitted my credentials in National Orientation Authority. In small, medium and micro scale enterprise, I complaint bitterly, I was asked to write my name, Bank details, Bvn number, LGA of residence, LGA, program. I wonder why the problem still persist, what next? Pls what’s d way forward.

  75. My name is Ini-ubong Akpan Umoh, I’ve not receive any of alert , i’ve made no mistake in my profile, dey r al correct. Pls help me out of dis trouble. Some of d volunteers in my state i.e Akwa Ibom ave collected their first $ second stipend.

    1. Please what is the fate of those that have not received the stipends for the first time and they have done the necessary things? Our we still part of the program or …….

      1. How can i edit my name cos during registration i register with Osaku Nkeiruka Moses and d name came as Osaku Moses n my bank account name is Chima Nkeiruka dat is d name all my docment is bearing i scanned all d document in respect to my change of name during npower registration but uptill now i hv nt bn paid pls can npower help to edit my name back to Chima Nkeiruka cos i hv lay complain to my LGC whc is nasarawa LGC of nasarawa state n dey promise sending my details to npower

    1. Hi, if your portal is error free, you’ll be paid. Alternatively, you can login to the NPVN portal to chat with available Npower online agent. If you’re chatting on the portal, make sure you do that during working hours/days, anything from 11-3pm will be good.

  76. My name is james sunday i has typing error with my account number during bank account information uploading meanwhile i try editing the account number is not doing and known i have not being paid and any other innformation is thesame such as bvn,names, bank name, are thsame and the correct account number is 0087013813 thanks for your help

        1. Unfortunately, the chat option has been ineffective for some times now. However, you can send your complaint to the dedicated email address. Check our articles to get the right email

  77. Ibrahim Rukayat Haroon please i have not been paid any of my salaries. My update profile is correct please help me

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