Sipasi Olalekan, N-power Agro Volunteer, Reveals How He Became Member G20 Youth Summit in Germany

In this video, N-power Agro volunteer in Nigeria, Sipasi Olalekan, shares his success story how he started off helping people create farms for them to move out of hunger.

It was a job he started like a passion and when the opportunity for global youths in G20 in Germany came, he applied and be became the part of youths from Africa at the G20 Youth Summit in Germany.

Sipasi Olalekan became a member of the group that drafted a charter for G20 youth empowerment, and how youths can be self reliant through agriculture.

Sipasi Olalekan is now an employer of labour.


N-power is Nigeria’s government job creation initiative of President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

N-power started in 2016, and it has produced lots of employers of labour among the volunteers.

We will bring you more on Sipasi Olalekan, how he started and how he was able to achieve so much within such a shortest period.

Earlier in the year, we reported how one of the N-power volunteers commissioned an electronic shop ,naming it N-power Electronic Shop.

Sipasi Olalekan Npower Agro Volunteer Who Became Member G20 Youth Summit In Germany

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