Watch 2018 FIFA World Cup live matches with Moko Live Stream App

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2018)

Moko Live Stream is simply a soccer app that allows you to watch 2018 FIFA World Cup live matches right on your android phone.

Infobase may not really be a big football fan neither a fan of any of the English clubs, but every FIFA World Competition catches our attention and can’t ignore the interesting live matches.

While trying to find alternatives in case power supply gets cut off while matches are ongoing, we stumbled upon Moko Live Stream, which enables you to watch live matches of the largest football fiesta right on your Android device.

We may may not be able to speak for all soccer matches, but if you’re looking for an App for FIFA 2018 Russia World Cup then you should definitely check out Moko Live Stream, which is downloadable on Google Play store.

Very lite app of size of just 3.60MB, Moko Live Stream has match fixture, results, highlight, and the best thing is that it shows live score.

While some football apps are exclusively designed for a restricted region or country, Moko Live Stream allows you access to watch lives matches of 2018 FIFA World Cup anywhere, any time irrespective of your location and colour.

At infobase, we also understand the fact that there are other alternatives to Moko Live Stream, some of them include Sky sports official website for streaming, mobdro, and streaming from fox sports.

However, what we found interesting about Moko Live Stream for 2018 FIFA World Cup is the fact that no lagging, while it has a good buffer rate.

If you are from Asia you may want to give hot stars or sony for streaming a shot, but giving Moko Live Stream a try will leave you say Wow!

Having said that, let’s take a quick look at the strengths and weaknesses of this app

Strength of Moko Live Stream for 2018 FIFA World Cup:

1) Buffer rate is good.

2) It’s lite, meaning you don’t need an extra SD card to use the app, 3.60MB is simply a way to go.

3) High quality picture, a clear HD display and clear sound is one of the things to put into consideration on any live stream app.

4) Some other apps may not give the opportunity to know which channel is showing, but Moko Live Stream is straightforward, you have all you want in an app.

What has strengths must definitely have one or two weaknesses

Weaknesses of Moko Live Stream for 2018 FIFA World Cup:

1) It’s still only on Android device. This means other device users may not be able to enjoy this great app, however, we believe that the developer, Okoya Usman, is working on how to make it available on other app stores.

2) We’ve also heard users complain of data usage. That’s it consumes data, but when we used it the amount of data used was considerably OK.

Advise for prospective users:

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Close other apps you’re not using and other running apps to reduce pressure on your device and your data.

If you’re in an area where ntel service is OK, you can simply opt for ntel 22GB for N2,000 and continue to live stream matches of your choice.

In a WhatsApp chat with Okoya Usman, the app developer,”The need of ease access to all World Cup matches for those who can’t access it at a particular time,” motivated him to come up the app.

Where to download Moko Live Stream FIFA World Cup live matches

Moko Live Stream for FIFA World Cup 2018 can be downloaded on Google Play Store.

If you are having any suggestions or issue with the app, you can contact him via:

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