Google Impact Challenge Nigeria 2018: How to win $250K Grand Prize

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2018)

Are you creative and your business is legally registered in Nigeria? If YES, then you could be on your way to win $250, 000 in Google Impact challenge 2018.

Essence of Google impact Challenge Nigeria

Year 2018 is the first time Google Impact is coming to Nigeria and it’s aimed at boosting the financial capacity of nonprofits and social enterprises.

“The Google Impact Challenge Nigeria supports nonprofits and social enterprises with game-changing ideas to create economic opportunity in their communities,”

How does Google Impact Challenge 2018 works?

Google loves creativity and it’s the time for the creative minds in Nigeria to showcase how they can use their ideas to make their community better, and indeed this is an opportunity for those who have been asking us how to apply for financial assistance.

This means that your idea must be able proffer solution to societal problems one way or the other.

“Finalists will get access to funding, mentorship and resources. Eligible nonprofits and social enterprises are invited to apply by July 4.”

Creative minds and innovators are required to submit their applications via the Google Impact Challenge Nigeria 2018 portal.

Thereafter, public and a panel of local Judges will vote for the ideas with the most potential, and pairs each winner with a package of strategic support, funding and Google volunteers.

How to apply for Google Impact Challenge Nigeria 2018

You can head straight to the registration portal to submit your idea, but we want to let you know that the application page can’t be saved for later completion; it means it must be completed once you begin the registration.

Google strongly advised that you first draft your answers somewhere before starting the registration, and here are the questions to guide you in submitting an error-free application:

The registration form is sub divided into seven areas:

  1. Basic Information
  2. Financial Information
  3. Project Overview
  4. Project Detail
  5. Impact and Risks
  6. Team, Partners and Budget
  7. Optional Information

Basic information needed for Google Impact Challenge Nigeria 2018

Question 1: What is the full, registered name of your organization?

Question 2: If your organization has a website, please provide the URL. In this area make sure you provide only one website. However, you’re allowed to share additional resources at the end of the application.

Question 3: Is your organization registered as a nonprofit (NPO, NGO, or similar) or as a for-profit business?

Question 4: At this part, you’ll be required to certify that the organization for which you’re submitting application is eligible to apply for the Challenge.

Note: Part of the registration requirement is that your project or company must be legally registered in Nigeria.

If your company has been operating for some time and you wish to register it, you can check CAC Office closer to you to begin the registration of your business.

Question 5: What is the official, registered address of your organization? Don’t forget to fill the street address, city, and the state where your company is located, and insert the correct postal code.

Question 6: When was your organization founded? The accepted format is: MM/YYYY

Question 7: What is your organization’s mission?

Question 8: How many full-time employees does your organization have? In this area, please don’t include volunteers, only full-time, paid staff of the local chapter is needed.

Question 9: The name of the person completing this application is?

Question 10: What is your job title?

Question 11: What is your email address?

Question 12: What is your contact telephone number? Make sure to include your country and area codes.

Question 13: Have any Google staff, officers or directors (or to your knowledge, immediate family members thereof been members of your organization’s board or officer group within the last 12 months?

Question 14: If you answered “yes” to question 13, you’ll have to expatiate here.

Question 15: Does your organization have any business dealings or ongoing negotiations with Google?

Question 16: If you answered “yes” to question 15, you’ll have to explain here.

Question: 17: To your knowledge, are any current government officials, employees or civil servants employed by your organization or are they members of your organization’s board or officer group?

Question 18: If you answered “yes” to question 17, explain here.

Financial Information for Google Impact Challenge Nigeria 2018 application

Under this section, you’ll be required to include organization-wide data for fiscal years 2015, 2016 and 2017 in US Dollars (USD).

Please do not include potential funding from the Challenge. If an answer is not applicable to your organization (for example, if your organization was founded less than 3 years), enter ‘0’. We may ask for additional financial information from your organization during our evaluation process,” the Google says.

You’ll be required to state specifically your annual operating expenses in USD in 2017, 2016, and 2015.

You’ll also be required to state your annual revenues in US Dollars beginning from 2015 till 2017

Also, you’ll state your total assets in USD from 2015 till 2017.

Finally in this section, you’ll be required to state your total liabilities in US Dollars from 2015 till 2017.

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Your Project Overview for Google Impact Challenge Nigeria 2018

Your project overview covers the following question, which answers must not be above 30 words:

  • Your project name:
  • It will provide economic opportunity to…
  • It will improve lives by…
  • This project is different than existing solutions because it…
  • If successful, in five years our project will…
  • Describe the geographic area that your project impacts:
  • To which category does this project primarily align?

Project Detail for Google Impact Challenge Nigeria 2018

Your answer in this section mustn’t be more than 150 words, check below for te questions you’ll be required to provide concise answers to:

Question 1: In what stage is your project presently? What have you accomplished to-date?

Question 2: Tell us more about the problem you propose to address. Why did you choose to take it on? Approximately how many people are affected? How does the problem impact their lives?

Question 3: Contextualize your idea: what other approaches have been tried in the past? What is the insight or innovation that differentiates your project, and how is it better than what already exists?

Question 4: Why would a potential beneficiary or user choose to engage with your product or service (including paying the cost, if there is one)? How will you make sure potential beneficiaries know about your project?

Impact and Risks

This is the fifth section of the Google Impact Challenge 2018 application form. It covers the following questions, each of which has 150-word limit:

Question 1: What would the impact of this project be, if successful? Please quantify the potential

Question 2: Impact, and explain how you calculated your estimate. Ensure to clearly identify any assumptions you made and include sources where available

Question 3: How would you define and measure the primary indicator in your answer above?

Question 4: How could your project and its impact grow beyond what you’ve proposed in this application? How will you sustain and grow the impact of this work beyond this grant?

Question 5: What are the 1-2 most significant risks you anticipate in this project? How has your team planned to address them?

Team, Partners and Budget

This section asks more question about your team and partners if you have one, each answer mustn’t be more than 150 words just like we have in section five:

Question 1: What makes your core team best suited to tackle this project?

Question 2: Organization-wide, who are your major partners or funders from the last 3 years?

Question 3: On this project specifically, which partnerships are or will be most critical for your success? What is the incentive for those organizations to partner with you?

Question 4: If selected as a finalist, how would your project utilize $125,000 in funding? Please provide an overview of your anticipated budget.

Question 5: Briefly, how would your goals and project plan change if you were to win the $250,000 prize (100 word limit)

Question 6: If your organization is not a nonprofit, please explain how you will allocate any profit that your project earns.

Question 7: This area has to do with agreeing by the terms of Google Impact Challenge 2018.

Please read carefully when you get there.

The last part contains Optional Information like:

Receiving email updates from Google on the Impact Challenge and other community initiatives.

Links to up to 3 articles, publications, videos, or other resources that support your

And how you heard about the Challenge?

Before you begin your application, make sure you go through the rules guiding the Challenge

Applications Closing date: Application closes on or before 11:59 p.m. WAT on Wednesday, July 4, 2018.

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Your application starts HERE

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