$1,000 UNESCO financial assistance: REAL or SCAM?

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2018)

Every starter in a developing country needs assistance, that’s why the rate of circulation of the latest UNESCO financial assistance is high.

The circulation is particularly prevalent on a messaging app, WhatsApp, and on the largest social media platform, Facebook.

Mode of application for UNESCO financial assistance ($1,000)

For you to apply for the assistance, you must have been referred by another person with this kind of message below:

The UNESCO Association provides financial assistance to needy groups across the world at a cost of $ 1000. Please register to receive financial assistance from here ~>  http://bit.ly/UNESCO-help * You have been invited by  GBADE ….. LEKAN

The underlined link above takes you to the next page where:

  1. You are asked your age
  2. Whether you are married or divorced or single
  3. You are also asked your financial situation whether you are poor or average income
  4. Finally you are asked your full name, country, city and phone number

You’re congratulated with a message that you’re on your way to getting the sum of $1,000 as UNESCO financial assistance.

But you are told that the money won’t come unless you shared the message on WhatsApp with your contacts for you to receive the $1,000 financial assistance.

Is $1,000 UNESCO financial assistance real or scam?

UNESCO does offer financial assistance, but it’s majorly on International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC) not to just anyone.

The latest UNESCO financial assistance is absolutely a scam.

This is why:UNESCO financial assistance-infobase

1. Take a look at the link above, it is preceded with a name hidden under a shortened service called bitly. It means the person behind the link above have used bit.ly to shorten the main domain name under which it operates.

2. Clicking the link will definitely reveal the real domain name which takes you to com-prize.com/unesco/ which doesn’t belong to UNESCO or any of its agencies.

3. It’s a SCAM because UNESCO will never hide under any shorten link to apply for any of its available assistance.

4. All applications for any kind of assistance is 100% done on the official website of UNESCO.

5. UNESCO will also not mandate you to circulate any message WhatsApp or Facebook for you to get its financial assistance.

6. Also, UNESCO doesn’t operate such assistance at this hour,

7. Another red flag you should look out for in this SCAM $1,000 UNESCO financial assistance is: If you didn’t or you are slow to share the last page with your WhatsApp contact it’ll redirect you to another Canada Visa Lottery Scam site which have been designed by the same set of people.

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Remember infobase told you that Canadian government doesn’t have Visa Lottery like the United States of America.

You can only apply for any of the available Canadian Immigration Options to enter the country.

Is there any UNESCO financial assistance?

Established in 1946 the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation(UNESCO) does have financial assistance which is called International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC).

UNESCO provides several funding opportunities, corresponding to specific scopes, activities and target groups.

UNESCO IFPC’s is only the organisation’s fund in the field of culture that also directly funds individuals, particularly artists and creators.

IFPC fund isn’t for everyone but for

  • public bodies with specific responsibility for the promotion of culture and artistic creation;
  • non-governmental organizations and non-profit private bodies whose objectives are in conformity with those of the Fund and whose activities contribute to the promotion of culture and artistic creation.

And to apply for this kind of fund you must abide by the stipulated guidelines subject to availability of resources and taking into account the projects’ compliance with all of certain criteria

Instead of falling in the traps of fraudsters, you can now apply for Google Impact Challenge Nigeria 2018 to win a grand prize of $250, 000.

Check out the following signs financial aid scam

Final thought:

We urge you to be careful with personal information you share with people online or unverified financial assistance platform online.

Such information may be used against you as possibilities are that you begin to get unsolicited emails and messages purposely designed to dupe you.

UNESCO $1,000 financial assistance is a SCAM you should AVOID.

You’re free to use the Share button link below to share the news with others who might receive the same message.

Have you applied for UNESCO financial assistance? Tell us and we’ll tell you what to do.

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26 Replies to “$1,000 UNESCO financial assistance: REAL or SCAM?”

      1. Thanks i have applied Bt just. Thought I should check it upon Google and I found your replies remains

      2. Hi Adebayo, The site that promoted that UNESCO’s financial assistance isn’t real. That’s our point. There are lots of scholarships you can apply for. We’ll keep you updated.

      3. Hello Olabisi, just watch out for any unsolicited messages on your line, or email. They are likely to start using the details you submitted to lure you to applying for other jobs. They may even tell you that you’ve been selected for the financial assistance with a clause that you’re to pay a processing fee. Please ignore such messages.

        You can check our tips on how to detect scholarship or financial assistance scams.

  1. My name is Beata K Ashikuni I would like to get financial assistance from UNESCO.
    I am currently 18 years of age my father is diseased and my mom is struggling pa pay for me in school

    1. Hello Beata,
      Please search through some of our scholarship posts to get funded for your education. UNESCO majorly provide financial assistance for heritage sites and locations.

      The $10000 UNESCO financial assistance is a fraud. You are advised to steer clear. We will keep you updated.

  2. I have applied for the financial assistance,what do i do?
    But I really need financial assistance so to pursue my dreams as I have already dropped out of school base on the financial break down of my parent

    1. Please check one of our previous comments above to check if you’re eligible for it. Note that application for UNESCO’s financial assistance is exclusively done on its portal not on a third party website.

      Steer clear of fraud

    1. Hi Uma,

      Pourquoi pas, vous pouvez gagner. Mais le fait est que celui-ci est une fraude. Nous vous exhortons à rester clair car le site web qui le promeut n’est pas un véritable site web de l’UNESCO. Nous vous tiendrons au courant d’une aide financière réelle.

    1. Bien sûr, vous pouvez recevoir une aide financière pour poursuivre vos études, mais pas sur cette plate-forme, car nous ne donnons pas de bourse, mais il existe un bon nombre de fondations et d’institutions qui offrent des bourses et une aide financière aux étudiants. Nous recherchons sur le véritable, nous vous tiendrons au courant. Assurez-vous de rester loin de l’escroquerie de bourses d’études

  3. Your Comment Here …je désire obtenir une aide pour acquérir ma licence en communication d’entreprise d’abord. Ensuite,je veux entreprendre mon projet d’agriculture.

    1. Bonjour, s’il vous plaît noter que nous ne donnons pas d’aide financière sur cette plate-forme. Nous vous alertons uniquement lorsque nous découvrons qu’un programme vise à abuser les utilisateurs. Nous vous tiendrons au courant.

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