Npower ID Interpretation

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2018)

The newly designed N-power volunteers portal contains your identification and virtually everything you may want to do within your dashboard.

One of the things Infobase pointed out in one of our previous posts was the activation of an identification allocated to every beneficiary. It’s called N-power ID.

What is Npower ID 

This is a means of identification of every volunteer since the beginning of the job initiative programme in 2016.

For instance, 2016 first batch of the programme will have ID like NPVN/OS/2016/123456


  • NPVN: This means N-power Volunteer Network. It’s a sub-domain and portal specially created for applicants who have been successfully verified and already on the payroll of the empowerment programme.
  • OS: This is the acronym for your state of origin. OS in this instance means Osun State. It simply means that the volunteer is posted and serving in Osun State.

So, state like Ondo could be OD, Oyo State could be OY, Cross River State will be CR etc.

Please login to your N-power dashboard to check the state code if you are one of the Npower 2017 volunteers.

If you selected Ondo State during application and you saw OS upon login to your portal it means that you will be deployed to Osun State. In this case it’s advisable you APPLY FOR DEPLOYMENT right away.

Npower ID is similar to NYSC Number.

  • 2016: This means you are among the first batch that were onboarded in 2016. In this case it means you started receiving monthly stipend in December 2016. If you’re having problem with your some of your salaries, please check our article on HOW TO SEND A REMINDER TO NPOWER ABOUT BACKLOG PAYMENTS.
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If you’re 2017 batch, your year will be 2017.

  • 123456: This simply your allocation number. This varies, and it’s not the same.

If you haven’t logged in to your account of recent, login to check your N-power ID

In case you want to edit your name in your profile, check this one of our articles on HOW TO EDIT YOUR NPOWER NAME.

If you having any problem with your NPVN dashboard, state your problem here right away and we will be right on it.

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