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Npower backlog and SMS for Device Collection (Exclusive for N-power 2016)

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2018)

I you’re N-power 2016 first batch and still having trouble with say five months or more and yet to get SMS for your tablet device pick up, here is the simple way to send reminder to N-power.

Infobase.com.ng understands that your N-power tablet device is one of the great benefits of the job initiative programme.


Infobase will never demand money from you , our NPOWER guide is absolutely free.

Our guides have helped solved thousands of N-power issues since the job initiative programme began in 2016.

Infobase.com.ng is the pacesetter for Npower guide, and other helpful articles. We shall continue to research to make you have great user experience while using this platform and Npower .

Apart from the fact that it affords you to stay in touch with friends the tablet device ranging from Samsung Galaxy Tab E, to Tecno Droid Pad, to Zinox Zpad Tab, to AfriOne 2-in-1 Transformer to RLG iPad, to Speedstar Tab and Brian N-power iPad, is a powerful gadget that will help your online business.

We have listed all the social media channels of N-power through which you could submit your complaint, but we’ve also discovered that some issues were not attended to due to thousands of complaints on its social media channels every minute.

Sometimes, your complaint is overshadowed by another issue thereby making you feel your issue isn’t receiving the desired attention.

The way out:

The newly designed N-power portal (NPVN) has everything you may want to accomplish NOW. From within your NPVN portal, you easily submit complaint for ISSUE OF NON PAYMENT OF BACKLOGS.

Follow the guide below to effect payment of your Npower backlog:

Step 1:
As usual, login to your NPVN dashboard using your phone number and your password

Step 2:
Click the option by your left hand side if you’re using a Samsung Pad, Techno Droid, iPhone, or any other Android devices.

The entire options will be displayed for you if you’re using laptop or desktop computer. For the purpose of this guide, we are using Tablet device. And we urge you to use one of the advanced browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Explorer, UC Browser.

Step 3:
From the drop down you’ll see I) announcement, ii) Help and Support, and click Help&Support

Step 4:
It’ll upload “Report an Issue” click on it.

Step 5:
Click on complain type, from the drop down menu you’ll see options like: payment, profile, verification, deployment, redeployment, device selection, and resignation. Select “payment”How-to-redeploy-in-npower-infobasecomng

If your problem is device collection or you haven’t received SMS for your device collection, then select DEVICE selection as your issue.

Step 6:
Choose the appropriate title. Let your title be captivating for it to elicit click from N-power support team.

Sample of some title you can use for ISSUE OF BACKLOGS:

A) 5 months backlog
B) January-April, 2018 Unpaid
C) July to November, 2017 Unpaid
D) Five months Backlog Issue

Step 7:
In the message box, clearly state your name again, and point out the last time you’re paid, the months you’re not paid.Npower Backlog Payment Solution Infobasecomng

When you send a complaint from within your NPVN Dashboard, it’ll contain your full data, as in everything about you.

So simply state your issue and..Then hit SUBMIT.


1) N-power has no time reading long complaint. Be concise and precise as much as possible. Go straight to your point.

2) N-power has the final decision on this issue. And knows the reasons why your backlog is on hold. Note that date of verification MAY affect your payment.

For instance, those who did verification January or February 2017 have been told not to expect December 2016 monthly stipend.

What other issues are you having? Share with us right we’d be glad to help you .

Or you can contact N-power on its social media page.

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