How much one Npower Beneficiary Received from December 2016 till Date

Each of the Npower beneficiaries of the 2016 batch has received 510,000 Nigerian Naira since payment began December 2016.

One Senator from Gombe weeks back claimed that not a single person has benefited from the N-power programme, Federal Government’s job initiative programme.

One N-power beneficiary from his state shared the screenshot of his monthly salary from N-power from December 2016 till date with us.

Our calculation shows he has collected 510,000 Nigerian Naira so far.

Everyone knew it was a political statement targeted at discrediting the present administration. There could be lapses, though. 

Danjuma Goje wrote: “I am from Gombe, I represent Gombe Central. I am yet to see one single boy who came to tell me that he has benefited from his N500 billion.

“Many other Nigerians are saying the same thing. N500 billion for 36 states is about N13 billion. If we spend N13 billion in one year in Gombe state, there is no way I would not have known, other people will also know.

“If you spend N500 billion in one year in Nigeria, Nigerians will know. No single All Progressive Congress (APC) person from Gombe state has benefited from this school feeding programme.

“No single person from Gombe state has benefited from the N-power. We don’t know about it. As far as many of us are concerned, we are completely dissatisfied with what this government is doing.”

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