Poll on Best Npower Device in terms of user friendliness

N-power is conducting a poll on the best tablet device in terms of user friendliness. The 2016 first batch of the job initiative empowerment programme were asked to rate the device they collected a year ago.

The poll is being conducted on all N-power social media platforms: twitter(@npower_ng); Facebook (@npowerng) etc.

The poll, which has finally turned to a debate among beneficiaries, is titled, “Real quick poll” where N-power asked:

“Which N-Power Device would you rate as best?
Which N-Power Device would you rate least?
Type your answers like this
1. Best: Device Name and Why.
2. Least: Device Name and Why.”

Since the rating began some days ago, infobase discovered that the tablet devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6, Tecno Droid, Speedstar Tab, RLG Tab, Zinox Zpad iPad, AfriOne 2-in-1 Transformer have been rated according to the experiences of the final consumers.Samsung-galaxy-tab-e-npower-device

This means that, a volunteer who selected and collected Samsung Tab E may not necessarily have access to all other gadgets for him to judge which is the best in terms of user friendliness.

But since we started covering Npower and its activities, and based on our previous analysis of N-power devices, one tablet gadget can’t have all the features.

For instance, we discovered that, AfriOne Transformer is the best in terms of user friendliness for the fact that it is convertible: as an iPad and Laptop, making it a top choice for those who want 2-in-1 tablet. However, it’s highly fragile.Speedstar-pad

On the other hand, Samsung Tab E, according to tech experts, is the best in terms of network and picture quality.

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While Techno Droid is a top choice in terms of ruggedness and battery strength too, and for the fact that tecno tech isn’t a stranger in Nigerian tech market, making its accessories easily accessible.

They all have their strenght and weaknesses, which we’ve pointed out in our previous posts.

Brian Npower iPad
Phtot credit: npvn portal

What does this poll mean for Npower 2017 second batch beneficiaries?

It is a time for you to carefully pay special attention to the strength and weaknesses of the tablet devices and choose the one you’ll be able to cope with.

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