Vertcoin twitter account hijacked by scammers, promise 10BTC bonus


The official twitter account of Vertcoin (VTC) was hacked some hours ago, with the attackers tweeting a giveaway of 10 bitcoin in an attempt to scam users out of their BTC.

Hey, everyone! Vertcoin and staff are pleased to announce that we’re doing a 10 BTC giveaway to our followers to celebrate Vertcoin’s success. Send 0.005 to ……. enter! Winner will be announced 5/3/18 at 8pm EST,” the scammers tweeted.

But in a swift response, which was around 16:00hours, the crypto firm announced that it’s a fake bitcoin giveaway as a celebration of Vertcoin’s success.

Vertcoin said it promptly contacted Twitter Support in order to block the user.

Lead Vertcoin developer James Lovejoy, The @Vertcoin twitter account has been compromised. We have contacted @TwitterSupport. DO NOT accept any giveaways, they are all fake. 

Cryptocurrency scam has been on the rise since bitcoin boom and the success recorded by other coins in recent time.

The scammers perpetrate their evil by impersonating major players in the space announcing fake ETH or BTC giveaways with dozens of replies saying it worked.

Report say “this is the first time hackers managed to take control of a legitimate account in order to perpetrate the scam.”

News of the hack and subsequent scam spread quickly, with news reaching the front page of reddit, World largest forum and alerting users of the attack within minutes.

“Looking at the address on a block explorer, we see that thankfully no one has been stupid enough to send money the attackers money so far,” says.

The current market cap is $116,492,280 USD, while there are 44,028,800 VTC in circulation, according to coinmarketcap.

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