How Nigerians reacted to Sat Guru Maharaj’s death rumour

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The death rumour of a Nigerian controversial cleric, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, Saturday, April 28, 2018, generated some funny reactions and comments from Nigerians in virtually all the social media, and on Africa’s largest forum, Nairaland.

Though Sat Guru Maharaj media aid, Ojo Peter, had, in a press release said: Maharaji is alive and not dead :

“The rumor of the death of Maharaj Ji was concocted by some people who have found it difficult to silence him from telling the truth about happenings in Nigeria and the world at large. The news of the death of Maharaj Ji is not only false but one that was mischievously concocted by some disgruntled elements.”

Of interest to are the comments of Nairalanders on the thread: Is Sat Guru Maharaj Ji Dead?

“Guru maraji is a commedian, trying to divert our attention from getting our PVC.”-ishowdotgmail

“This na rumour jor! Can a god die? probably on a long soul travel or in trance.”abassmayowa24

A nairaland user by the username GeneralOjukwu believed that the controversial cleric was only trying to get free publicity.

 “The negro probably needs some free publicity …Claim he’s dead, leave people to speculate, come out to debunk…Rinse and repeat.”

“Over the years, the guru has made many scandalous claims and appearances. In 2009, he called the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye his spiritual son.”givan

To Untainted007 and laurel03, death is inevitable to mankind.

“Every man is subjected to die. This earth is a temporary home. Nothing makes him special than others that have died.”Untainted007.

“He call himself God messengers like Jesus and Muhammed… even Jesus and Muhammed died why Guru will not die.. Make govt collect that him land and turn it to residential modern estate…”laurel03

A user by the name Orubebe01 added political tone to his comment. He’s sarcastic in his reaction, saying “blame it on buhari’s body odour.”

Why should god die. He is not dead. He has gone to prepare a place for his followers. He is coming back to take them home. Mortal man will never understand that what we are living for in this world is to die. No power.

I repeat, no power can stop death.”Kennitrust

Who is Sat Guru Maharaj Ji?

Real name: Mohammed Ajirobatan Ibrahim

Nationality: Nigerian

Residence: Ibadan, Oyo State, “Satguru Maharaj Ji Village”

His proclaimed names: Living Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Ji,”Black Jesus”

His claim:

He has claimed severally that he has power to cure all illnesses and all problems affecting mankind.

Public service:

He was a former staff member of Nigeria Airways, before coming up with his parish located in Ibadan, Lagos express way. His headquarters is notorious for flowers.

Parish names: Guru Maharaj Ji is known for leading a communitarian group with various names like:

  1. One Love Family
  2. One Love Mission
  3. One Love, One Family
  4. Divine Love Family.

Members mode of dressing: Its members are vegetarians, and wear red badges as signs of their loyalty.

Known controversies: He has been accused of having “spiritual powers” over hundreds of ghastly motor accidents that happened at the front of his village located along Ibadan-Lagos Express Way.

Some of his follower have, in 1989, claimed that 200 bodies were buried around the ashram, “Sat Guru Maharaj village”

He was arrested, but later set free, when no bodies were found by the investigative team of security operatives.

Some later accused the government of day of complexity, saying Guru is influential and well-connected.

At a time, one of the state governors in Oyo made effort to shut down the ashram and acquire the property, but Ji won the case in court. He provided Certificate of Ownership (C of O) of the land.

It was reported that Mohammed Abacha and Hamza al-Mustapha are some of those who have sought spiritual guidance from him.

We can’t verify this anyway.

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