N-power login link: 100 things you can do on your NPVN Portal

Your N-power login dashboard contains several resourceful things you can learn and do on the newly designed NPVN Portal.

We’ve compiled just 100 of them for the benefits of the N-power 2017 batch, whose names have just been released.

Your N-power login page (NPVN portal dashboard) is a platform which “allows you update your status real-time” and contains valuable contents from digital marketing to cisco great online class to empower your digital skills.

It’s a great place to be. We’ll talk more about it.

But before that, let’s quickly address some challenges some of you have been facing, or things you can do but you don’t really know where to begin.

What is NPVN?

The acronym NPVN means N-power Volunteer Network, that’s the dedicated portal exclusively designed for beneficiaries.

You can only attain the status of N-power beneficiary if you applied, wrote the online test, attended physical verification exercise and your details were authenticated at the National Headquarters of N-power in Abuja.

So, we say congratulations if you made the N-power 2017 final list. The appropriate word to use now is NPVN Portal and not Npower Portal.

  • Npower portal is the parent body of the job recruitment programme, which was opened for every young qualified Nigerians.

While NPVN is for those who have been verified and are either receiving monthly stipend or about to be doing so.

N-power Login Page (NPVN dashboard)

Your NPVN portal contains everything about you.

To access your N-power Volunteer Network (NPVN) dashboard, please use this right away: npvn.npower.gov.ng/dashboard

You can only access the dashboard if you’ve passed through the N-power OTP stage, that is if you’ve uploaded your ID and passport.

Use your email or phone number as your username and enter your password to access the portal.

When you’re in, you’re welcomed by the team:

“We will like to welcome you onboard the N-power Volunteer learning platform after completion of the physical verification process.

“Knowledge is power and we have curated important learning content that will help your preparedness for an N-power job, improve your work, life and entrepreneurial skills.”

How to edit your details within your N-power Login dashboard

At the time of writing this, the option or link to edit your details hasn’t been activated by the N-power team. You may have to wait till the first stage of ID and photo uploading are completed.

How to access the learning section of NPVN portalN-power-login-page

To explore, click the option by top left hand of the page, if you’re on Tablet device or iPhone or any other android devices, but make sure to use either Google Chrome, Firefox, or UC browser, we’ve tested all the three and they worked perfectly on Techno droid Tablet, and on a laptop too.

Click on any of the dropdowns menu to dully explore the platform specially designed to empower you.

The options include:

  1. Prepare
  2. Deliver
  3. Learn
  4. Forum

What is N-power Prepare?

N-power Prepare is a loaded page within your NPVN dashboard with great contents to help groom you be successful at your given role.


This is learner – centred teaching methods, effective classroom management, crop production, animal farming and so on. This section contains virtually everything to help you in your Place of primary Assignment.

It covers tools in N-power Agro, N-Teach, N-Health.

N-power Learning Platform

This section contains Cisco Networking Academy, Google Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Android developer by Google, Google Academy, and Microsoft.N-power login page

Interesting things about the learning platform is that most of the free courses were not absolutely free on online degree and skill platform before N-power partnered some of the biggest fishes in the tech sector.

Make good use of them.

Check full list of Npower tablet devices that will be given out

To check if your details are correct:

Click on your name by the top right hand corner. The details you submitted during application will be uploaded for you to check.

To access N-POWER e-book, click Deliver

Here you’ll be groomed as Volunteer Teacher. Successful completion of all 6 modules in Prepare, will teach you, among many other concepts and practices,

  1. effective classroom management,
  2. effective curriculum creation, and
  3. learner-centered teaching methods.

How do I get my payments?

You’ll receive your payment via the  bank account details and BVN you provided during registration period.

Why your payment may be put on hold?

Your payment may be put on hold if your employer or focal person made bad recommendation about you.

How can I refund to N-Power money?

You may want to refund if, mistakenly, you’re over paid. In this regard you can contact support to get the steps on how to refund excess or ineligible payments via support@npvn.desk-mail.com

Will I receive payments missed due to bank issues?

Payments that were not made to volunteers successfully due to bank issues on/after their verification date shall be paid to them as backlogs

How do I access my N-power portal?

– Log on to npvn.npower.gov.ng/login

– For new users, log in with your phone number /email address

– Expect a One-Time Password (OTP)

– Input the OTP gotten correctly, then change your password

– Fill in your bank details (if it is not already inputed)

– Click on the facebook and twitter to post

– Welcome to your portal

How can I edit my details on the platform?

At the moment you can’t edit your details, however, if you’re having problem uploading your photo and ID, use this link http://www.npvn.npower.gov.ng/onboard

When the option is made available, you can then follow the steps below:

– Log on to npvn.npower.gov.ng/login

– Input your username and password

– Fill in your correct bank details that tally with your profile name

– If you wish to change other credentials contact support to validate changes on your behalf via support@npvn.desk-mail.com

What does absent/disqualified mean?

– Absent means you have been truant at your place of work or you have missed a training

– Disqualified means you have insufficient documents or you have violated an N Power rule

I forgot my login details. How do I retrieve them?

– Use the forgot password link

– Enter NPVN email/phone number

– Click the reset button

How do I get posted?

Most of the time, names are sent to the ministry of education to take care of N-power Teach; ministry of health to post N-Health; and ministry of Agriculture to do the posting of N-Agro.

State Focal Person then make information available on where and how to check your name.

In Osun State for instance, a portal was made available for the 2016 beneficiaries to register again, which the state used for posting.

Who can I report important details to in my environment?

Kindly go to the National Orientation Agency in your local government through your community mobilization officer or your focal person to make this complaint and follow the given information

How do I go about changing my PPA?

Kindly visit the National orientation agency in your local government through your community mobilization officer or your focal person, you will be provided with all information regarding redeployment from your current primary job placement.

How can I get an N-Power Device?

-You must have the right verification logo before you can select a device

– If you have the logo, kindly log into the NPVN platform; npvn.npower.gov.ng and select a device of your choice.

– Communications regarding collection of the device would be sent across the appropriate channels

Can I change my device?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your device once it has been selected.

Check the list of N-power tablet devices and their capabilities

How can I quit the N-Power program?

– Write a formal letter to N-power through your state focal person.

– Your state focal person would sign/stamp the letter and scan this to N-power.

– Your resignation letter would be acknowledged and you would be discontinued from the program.

– Failure to do this will result in you being considered as an N-power volunteer and you will be expected to show up in your primary job placement daily or face the consequences of default

I still have more question

Drop your question here, or send such to N-power.

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