Solutions for NpowerNG 2017 OTP, Bank Account, and Document Uploading

Successful candidates for the 2017 N-power recruitment need One Time Password (OTP) to gain full access to the NPVN Portal for them to upload their passport and ID card.

However, some applicants have been having issues on generating N-power OTP, we’ve complied some of the problems and possible solutions to them.

Part 1: OTP (USSD code) problems and solutions

Part 2: Solving issues of Uploading your Passport and ID Card

Passport 3: Problems with your bank account number particularly if it begins with “0”


Use your phone number or email address to see if you have transitioned from pre-selected applicants to beneficiaries

OTP problems and solutions

Question: I have proceeded by clicking on NEXT, which I did but didn’t receive any OTP after several attempts made using both email and registered phone number. I also tried *347*5*88# but still didn’t get the OTP. What should I do next, please?

Answer: The Npower portal is overwhelmed at the moment, please keep trying.

Question: Can’t even log in to npower site!

Solution: Please make sure to login to the portal using a standard browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Question: Please is any other way to get my OTP code because I have dialed *347*5*88# several times and no reply.

Answer: There is no other way to generate the One Time Password (OTP) except using the phone number you registered with during registration period. Thousands of people are using the same USSD code the same time, please retry.


N-power problem: Mine is telling me OTP validation failed and i try getting another OTP, but it is not working, what can I do?

Solution: Switch off your phone, and try again.

Question: I try to input the OTP I received using the code, it still shows error, otp validation failed, please what should I do?

Solution: Please try again.

Question: Please npower I have received a congratulations SMS but I can’t get my OTP after I dail *347*5*88# for many times please assist me.

Solution: Please be patient as your OTP will be generated and sent to you. Or redial.

NpowerNG 2017 OTP problem: Please I have tried the code but shows Npvn Auth Token:End No Token Generate Or Token Has Expired, what can I do?

Answer: If you are experiencing some challenges in generating your token, kindly redial the short code to regenerate a new token or refresh your page and try again.

Question: I have been trying to enter the OTP I got after dialing *347*5*88#, but up till now what i have been getting is OTP validation failed… Please help

Solution: This is as a result of overwhelming of the N-power portal, please keep trying. At the time of compiling this problems and solutions some beneficiaries have been able to resolve all challenges they faced yesterday.

“For those of you having issues with logging in your generated OTP, this is the best way out; kindly use a diffrent browser (differnt frm d one u av ur activation sim) open the npower site, once it opens dial d *347*5*88# and input d OTP immediately,” a nairalander and also a beneficiary of the programme said.

Uploading your Passport and ID Card

Question: I dialed the number and got the OTP then I changed my password, I was asked to upload passport photograph which am getting stock right now

Answer: We don’t really know the kind of error you’re getting, but on a general term, try again, or refresh the page.

Question: Please passport couldn’t be uploaded also no details of mine is shown in my profile. Not even my name .

Solution: Please refresh the page.

Question: What kind of ID card is acceptable?

Answer: You can use any of the following ID cards: INEC voters card, National ID Card, NIMC Card, Driver Licence, International Passport.

Question: What I keep getting is MMI ERROR?
Solution: Clear your browser cache, close the it and open it again to start afresh.

Question: After changing my password, I was uploading my passport but the upload wasn’t successful probably due to traffic on the portal. When I tried logging in again I was directed to my dashboard without any passport there. Please how can I upload my passport and ID card at this stage?

Solution: Please try re-uploading the passport later when traffic may have reduced on the site.

Issue of lost SIM Card and how to get SMS sent to you by N-power

Question: I lost the SIM Card I used during the registration. And, can’t welcome it back because of one reason or the other. What can I do?

Answer: Kindly visit your service provider for more assistance on how to recover your lost SIM card as OTP can only be sent to you via your registered line.

Problems with your bank account number

Question: I logged in, generated a token and was successful but when I logged into my account, going through it, I discovered that everything is correct except my account number. But the first no is missing instead of 0229927265 I saw 229927265. I ‘m worried sir, thanks

Answer: The option to make corrections is not available now. However, you need not worry if you account number started with 0 it’s normal considering the file Npower is storing that info.

This is a program on excel omitting 0 that starts a number except your a/c is typed as ‘0015286578.

“Don’t worry with the omitted zero. Only worry when the omitted number is at the middle or the end of your a/c number” an IT expert says on N-power Facebook page.

Infobase Final thought:

Thousands of people accessing same site with lower Bandwidth as well as poor networking, we are optimistic that the issue will be sorted out for everyone to have smooth NPVN portal.

What problem are you having? Share with us.

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    1. Hi Ukueku ufuoma,
      Login to your profile, scroll down click support and help, click report issue, from the options select profile as, then let ‘Missing Account Details” be the title of your message, state what the issue is , make sure you also clearly state your account details in the message box, send send.

      Npower support teal will get on it

    1. Please check the size of the doc you want to upload. It shouldn’t be above 1M, best size is 250kb. You can use tool to reduce the size of your photo without going to a cafe and upload on your portal.

      You can check our guide on how to use the photo resize tool under our product review.

      Let’s know if your have more challenges, we’re here to assist.

  1. please is any one still experiencing the error after inputting the otp code? still not working and have changed browser.

        1. Yes, I have changed browser severally but I have not been able to upload my passport and Id card due to the fact that I have not been able to generate an OTP as the response I have been receiving each time I dial the OTP code is the network is experiencing some technical problems and your request is not being processed , please try again later and when I try retrieving the OTP through the last four digits of my Bvn and year of birth, the response I keep receiving is invalid information or unable to retrieve Otp . Due to this, I have not been able to proceed beyond the OTP stage . I have visited the Facebook site and complained for more than five times and there has been no response from the Npower officials . Also, the deadline for imputing our details is near, please, help me out. What else can I do?

  2. Hello pls i have been trying to login into my npvn account for almost a week now but it keep showing me OTP validation failed and each time i try that a new otp was sent to my email and i use it immedaitely and still show me validation fail. and i also try to retreive the otp and i input all my details i.e my year of birth, the last four digit of bvn and the program i applied for and it shows me invalid information. pls i need your assistance. thank you

  3. I’ve finished the part 1 of the opt pin generation and it took me to the part 2 of upload of passport and identification card but I was unable to do so. I’ve tried severally but it has taken me to my dashboard with the upload of passport and identification card. What do I do?

    1. It is either due to traffic on the portal or you have a poor internet connect.

      Whatever the case is, close the browser, clear your cache, ensure your connection is strong, then try again.

  4. Please sir send my OTP 2 me have dia the code on my phone no result and have check my gmail the same. Please whether you can help me to send it on my phone number 08062881981or my gmail

  5. Gud morning sir/ma.
    Help me abut my OPT number, have Dia d code on my phone no result, check my gmail no answer.please sir whether you can help me 2 send on my phone number 08062881981or my gmail.

  6. Please,how can I reload the passport and ID card. Because I’ve not seen any option for reload.

    And also the date of birth in the profile is different from my original date of birth. It supposed to be 1982 but it’s written there as 1987. Please, i need your help oooooo. Thanks

    Also,my npower ID suppose to be NAgro 2017-0000032863-32 but it was N Teach2017-0000032863 on the dashboard and my program is written as NAgro which was right.
    I await your reply,thanks.

  7. I changed my password and i got my OTP numbers successfully, but i find it difficult to upload my passport and ID card, when i tried to re-login, i was directed to my dashboard where all my informations were correct and accurate. but i checked all possible links to upload it in the dashboard but i couldn’t find it.

  8. Hello. I already succeeded in entering my OTP as well as uploading my passport photograph. However, I was unable to upload my ID card and finalise other online enteries. When I logged in much later to finish up, the browser directed me straight-away to my profile and dashboard. While it shows my passport photograph, I have been unable to upload my ID card since and I am worried. Pls what can I do?

  9. I was uploading my passport but the upload wasn’t successful probably due to traffic on the portal. When I tried logging in again I was directed to my dashboard without any passport there. Please how can I upload my passport and ID card at this stage? because it is not giving me the platform to upload the passport and ID card anymore. please,is there any solution, hope this will not affect in anyway?

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