How to generate OTP for Npower 2017 on NPVN Portal

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N-power has released the final list for the 2017 applicants, and the team has directed all successful candidates to login to the NPVN portal.

In a short message on its social media accounts, N-power writes:

“Dear 2017 Pre-selected applicants,
First, we need you to smile .

Secondly, you can now check your final selection status at

Use your phone number or email address to see if you have transitioned from pre-selected applicants to beneficiaries”

How to generate OTP on 2017 NPVN Portal

In this regard, this is how to generate One Time Password to gain full access to the NpowerNG Volunteer Network, which was created for those who made the final selection.Generate-npower-OTP

Step 1:
Clear the cache of your browser, make sure to use advanced browsers like Chrome, Mozilla etc

Step 2:
Enter into your browser

Step 3:
Enter the phone number associated with your NPOWER profile. That’s the number you used during registration process. You’ll definitely see a success message indicating that you’ve been selected.

If you have not received message, you can also try this method.

Step 4:
Dial *347*5*88# on your phone, it’s possible you get NPVN as your OTP, don’t worry.

Step 5:
Login to your email address if you didn’t get the OTP on your phone.
That’s all.

You can begin other things on the NPVN portal.

What to do if you are yet to receive OTP

We got one applicant asking:

“I have gone through the above stated process and got a Congratulation. Then I continued with the this code *347*5*88# and actually got a four digit code which I guess is the OTP. I have entered this number severally to submit and the response I get is “Error! OTP validation failed” please, what do I do?”

You can try any of the following tips if you’re having the same problem.
1) Be patient as the portal will be busy at this time.

2) Clear your phone cache

3) Login to your email address to check for your OTP

If you’re still having trouble implementing the above guide, check out our comprehensive compilation of problems and possible solutions right here:

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7 thoughts on “How to generate OTP for Npower 2017 on NPVN Portal

  1. My name is Betiku Omotola Taye, my phone number is 08038337562 I received a successful qualified message. Any time I log in with my information but it is still telling me invalid information check and trying again. Because my name came out with Betiku Omotola Taye but in my bank , I have changed my name to Adeoye Omotola Taye. Please I will be happy if you can help me to correct it and again there’s no how I can check my email , this is another email am using now. adeoyeomotola2019@

  2. I have been trying to access the npower site with the prescribed browsers since 25/04/2018 but no success, what do I do?

    1. Hi Ifeoma,

      It’s due to traffic to the website. Please keep trying. One of the beneficiaries just told us he made it today. He had been trying it for three days too.

  3. Please sir I have been trying to get my OTP with my phone through the short code, but it is not showing up, please can u send it through my phone number, 08037672150

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