Top 12 Nairaland Forum Alternatives in Nigeria

Nairaland forum alternative is numerous in Nigeria. But the fact be told: Nairaland Forum is unarguably the largest forum in Nigeria and Africa.

We’ve complied list of alternatives to Nairaland forum, if you really want a topic-specific forum in Nigeria.

Quick fact about Nairaland:

  • Nairaland has three major categories, and 39 subcategories.
  • Nairaland/General category has the highest subcategory (22).
  • This is followed by entertainment, with 10 subcategories, followed by science/technology, which has seven subcategories.
  • Registered members with: 2,011, 947 as at (May 31, 2018) 17:07
  • Number of topics: 4,270,987 as at (May 31, 2018) 17:07

Founded by Seun Oshewa, nairaland forum has set the pace for other forums in Nigeria.

The founder of Nairaland forum has created the largest and biggest convergence of topics and members across Africa, giving members the total freedom to publish virtually anything that comply with its terms of use.

An unverified sources said Google had made several attempts offering Seun Oshewa millions of dollars, just to acquire Nairaland.

Sadly, Google was said to have rejected Nairaland’s Adsense application till Seun began getting independent sponsors.

Nairaland is now rumoured to be making in a week revenue which could have been impossible to make in a month if Oshewa were to be using Google’s Adsense.

However, there are other alternatives to Nairaland, which are really doing good in their own world. They may not be as popular as Nairaland is, but are worthy mentioning

Here is the complete list of Nairaland Forum Alternative in Nigeria.


Mokoshalb forum may not all that be popular as you would have expected it to be, but this is one of the best forums in technology.

Browsing tweaks, free tech e-books, you’ve got a great forum you probably didn’t know exist.

It majors in phone discussions, major breakthrough in technology world, android tutorials , how to code, and how to fix some problems on your iPhone, Tablet devices and laptop.nairaland forum alternative

It’s our number one because the founder Usman Okoya has made a lot of breakthrough in designing apps and codes for WordPress and blogger users.

With beautiful design and great interface, mokoshalb forum is a great Nairaland forum alternative when it comes to tech gist. It’s place to visit for free tips on tech.

You don’t really need to be tech savy to follow and execute some of the guides on this mokoshalb forum.


We consider as another Nairaland Forum alternative to Christianity talks and discussions.

More than three other forums you would later find in this list has different categories , including religion talks.

However, a christian forum is here. It covers all denominations and biblical talks and discussions.

You’ve got the best christian-based forum in Nigeria. It’s relatively new, but we see the forum founded by Mr. Ayuba growing beyond his imagination as he invests more time into building it.

It must be noted that the success of this forum depends on how firm the moderators are to fight against unreligious posts, and spam messages.

3) Ogbongeblog Planet

Jide Ogunsanya’s blog has done brilliantly well in the area of how Tos, and tutorials on how to make money online through blogging and other online businesses.

Coming up with a platform where his fans and Netpreneurs could converge and share tips on how they have been able to achieve success is another brilliant idea from Jide, who is himself an NETPRENEUR. is a specialised forum on how tos, where you can learn great stuffs.

With 20 categories, and 5 groups, ogbongeblog planet is one of our top choices as nairaland forum alternative available for Nigerians and the rest of the world for those who want to learn or share ideas on making money online.

With perseverance and hard work, Jide has shown us that you can indeed make legitimate money online.


Popularly known as Nigeria’s Creative Talent, focuses on 9 areas with its sections, but we’ve discovered that more of java script tutorial and hacking tips are popular on this forum you probably didn’t know exist.

You are at liberty to pick from any of the following sections, create and reach out to the rest of the world, they include: General topics, Education, Business, Health, Fashion, Webmasters, Entertainment, Programming, Graphics & Multimedia Designs.

What we found interesting about this forum is the fact that it focuses on topics from which you can learn and start something significant online to start making money.


This is another nairaland forum alternative which template and design is completely closely related to nairaland interface .

The beauty of this forum is that it gives you the absolute freedom as nairaland to create your own content in as much you follow the terms of use.

This forum depends on sponsored posts and revenue from Google’s AdSense as sources of earnings.

Keeping and running a functional forum isn’t a joke. It requires hard work from owners and moderators.

Kudos to the founder of this forum for taking up the challenge. We can’t wait to see heroslodge forum rock Nigerian Internet space in the years ahead.


An average SSS 2 Nigerian student has his own browsing phone, checking admission, how to gain admission , and other student-related topical issues.
Myschool forum is simply the perfect place for students.

The founder of , a website for education news, has taken a great decision by the creation of this forum, consolidating on its existing user base among students.

There may be unverified education and admission posts on this forum considering the target, we urge you never pay anyone to gain admission.

When you find stories you’re not sure of, visit the specific school official website to authenticate before taking further actions.

Even when such posts are verified, you are not to pay anyone who meet on myschool forum or any other public discussion forum.

This isn’t peculiar to nearly all public forums that’s why moderators keep vigil, work 24/7 to reduce the level of spam, and fraudulent posts.

To us at infobase, is one of nairaland forum alternative in the area of education news, scholarships and gist across Nigeria and the World.


Founded by Maxence Melo, Jami forum discussions and topics cut across Africa, this ,we think, has really helped the forum to experience great growth since its launch.

At the time of publication (April 14,2018), this forum had 1,155,619 million topics; 26, 358,157 posts and 436,834 registered members.

Do you love politics? You’ve got the freedom to air your views here. is definitely one of the nairaland forum alternatives.


With 140,357 registered members, earlyface is another forum in Nigeria that is gradually becoming popular to internet users.

It offers general news and users are able to discuss on topics of their choice. It is easy to use and mobile friendly.


This is another nairaland forum alternative you can explore for topics cutting across breaking news, politics and entertainment and celebrity gist, love and religion and others.


NaijaPal is Nigeria’s forum, which is dominated by ladies and guys who who want to connect from across the world.

This is done through its chatting services with a large number of following both home and abroad.

This is unarguably Nigeria’s largest Social Network that allows you watch naija movies for free, you’re charged for data by your career anyway.

It also has large topics for you to join and engage one another.


Do you want to apply for the latest jobs in your discipline? This forum is simply founded to cater for the large number of unemployed youths in the country.

Create account and start using the forum as an employer or as an employee.

Jobs are well arranged ,which makes it easy for users and job hunters to search job that suit their needs and area of discipline.

To us at infobase, is another nairaland forum alternative, next time you’re searching for job give naijahotjobs a try.


This must have gotten its inspiration from. The design from the homepage to other categories are completely similar to nairaland forum. You might think you are using nairaland.

The only difference is that it uses Google Adsense plus independent ads as means of revenue generation, while Nairaland generates its own revenue independently using codes.

Infobase final thought:

In the course of our research, we also found out that some forums have folded up , may be, they could not cope with huge financial commitment and time to maintain a forum.

For instance which started on a good note is no longer available, while wasn’t available on the net at the time we compiled this list.

The bottom line is internet users in Nigeria are growing at sporadic rate, meaning the youths are excited about stuffs that could be found on the internet.

The beauty of this is you can make money online by positively using any of the forum above. It’s not just for fun.

By the time you create reputation online, you will begin to see people who are willing to do business with you.

Kudos must also be given to Seun Oshewa of nairaland forum for using its platform to show direction that it could be done.

However, we want to see Nairaland bring new things to the table right on the forum.

When Facebook started, Mark Zukerberg never left it the way it’s, Facebook keeps evolving, we keep seeing new ideas on the largest social media. We want to see Seun Oshewa do this as well on Nairaland forum.

Is there any forum by Nigerians that are not on this list, drop it and we’ll take our time to understudy how it operates, and subsequently add it to this list.


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  1. NSF, a forum website, was created in 2016, for all Nigerians, not only students but for all educators. Motives and aims of creating this website are to help all Admission seekers, Undergraduate, Graduates, Employed, Unemployed and Elites in their Education pursuits & careers.

    Lately last year, Ngstudentforum was Approved by FreeBasics which enable the student to access Education news for free without Having Data.

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