Cost (and Expiry date) of Police Clearance Certificate in Nigeria

Cost of Police clearance certificate in Nigeria varies. It depends on your negotiating skill with issuing authority because no specific amount has been stated by the Nigeria Police Force.

In one of our posts on how to get police character clearance certificate in Nigeria, we told you that it’s one of the most important documents you need for you to enter another country, we’ll tell you its actual cost and expiry date.

But first…there are some reasons why your application may be denied.

Why your police clearance certificate application application may be rejected

  • If you are found to have escaped immigration detention in another country.

2) If you belong to an association or group that has been outlawed in your country.

3) If you are a drug trafficker.

4) If you are not of good character.

5) If you escaped justice in another country, you may not be allowed into another country.

6) Finally, your police clearance application may be rejected if “You have been sentenced to 12 months or more in prison, or multiple sentences that add up to more than 12 months in prison.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Police Clearance Certificate

What is the cost of police clearance form?

In Nigeria, police have refused to tell us official price of this clearance, when we visited the facebook page of Nigerian Police where it publishes a guide on how to obtain it, the article was silent on the cost. Several cost enquiries sent to the page were ignored.

But we have seen applicants who get it for N3,500, N5,000, N8,500 and we have also seen people get it for more than N10, 000.

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We’ve heard stories of those who claimed that they spent almost N30,000 to get theirs.

However, passing through an intermediary at the Nigerian Police Command in your state or at the CID Registry Office, Alagbon, Lagos, could make you pay more.

Also, your status could be a determinant for the cost of police clearance certificate; you could be charged more when the officer in charge knows you have the financial strength. If you flaunt your wealth then you could be asked to pay N30, 000 or more at the issuing office.

Bottom line: Cost of police clearance certificate in Nigeria isn’t known, but it ranges between N3,500 to N10,000. You may have to negotiate to get the best price

How long does it take to get police clearance certificate in Nigeria?

If you are applying at the Criminal registry office in Lagos, you can get it within a day, depending on the number of application on ground, and the time you get there.

If you are applying from your state command, you may have to wait between 5-7days because it will still be passed to the Criminal registry office in Lagos.

How long does it take to receive police clearance certificate abroad?

If you are applying by yourself or through a third party, it could take between 14 to 21 days for you to get it.

Where can I download police certificate form?

If you are in Nigeria, you can register for an account on the NPF character clearance application portal, get an application ID, scan an upload your international passport data page, and download the form right away.

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If you are applying through a third party service, go to portal, and download it.

Do I have to travel to Criminal Registry in Lagos to get it?

No. It has been simplified. You can apply after downloading the form on npf dedicated portal for character cert. and take to your state police command.

But if you need it urgently, you can travel to Lagos State (see the direction to criminal registry office, Alagbon, Lagos).

When will I be asked to provide my police clearance certificate?

It is needed to gain entry into another country, particularly if you are an immigration applicant you will have to provide it to show that you don’t have any criminal record back in your country. No country will allow its country to be a safe haven for criminals.

If you have also lived in another country for more than 30 days, you will have to provide your police check certificate.

What is the expiry date of police clearance certificate?

For Canadian Immigration application, you are advised to start the processing if you have been added to the pool of applicants.

This is to make sure you meet up when you are finally directed to apply if you are entering through International Experience Canada, or through Express Entry option.

If you get your police character clearance in Nigeria, it lasts for THREE MONTHS.

This means that if your immigration or travel application to the U.S or Canada after obtaining your police certificate, then you will have to obtain another one if your immigration application to Canada is successful in 2019 season.

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Bottom line: The expiry date for police clearance certificate is 3 month.

Can police clearance certificate be done by proxy?

It can’t be done by proxy. Another person can not use his fingerprint to apply on your behalf. Even by using the third party service, you will still have to take your own fingerprint (clearly taken), scan and forward it, which will be analysed by forensic expert back here in Nigeria.

Is police clearance certificate transferable?

It is not. You can not use police cert. used by your brother, relative or friend. You must obtain your own. Beside, no two human beings have the same fingerprints, even twins doesn’t.

Remember there are three available means to apply for Police clearance certificate in Nigeria>>>CHECK THEM HERE UNDER OUR GUIDE

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