How to format Tablet Device and Android Phone (Factory Data Reset)

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If you wrongly entered wrong pin (code) into your tablet device, or it is completely malfunctioning, then read this guide on how to format your android phone.

Top reasons why you may want to format or reset factory data include:

1) If your device is malfunctioning due to corrupt files you’ve tried to delete but won’t still go off, then you may need to reset factory data.

Factory data reset means you will lose some apps you installed after purchase. However, you may backup your apps with another backup app like cleanmaster.

Ensure to back up your phone on your local drive or Google account. This procedure will leave your SD card untouched.

2) If your tablet device or android phone is passworded with patterns, pin, or code and you or someone erroneously entered wrong PIN or password more a specified time. In this case you’ll be locked out.

You can only gain access if your data was activated, through which you’ll be able to use google account linked to your device. This is applicable to android users.Tablet-device-reset

In a situation whereby your data was switched off at the time of entering wrong code, then it becomes imperative to format your tablet device or smartphone using the hard reset option.


Google gives android users, who forgot their phone’s unlock pattern or password a chance to remotely unlock it by signing in to their Google account that is connected to the PlayStore App.

3) If you forgot the unlock pattern or pin. In this situation you locked yourself out.

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4) If you want to free system memory, you may want to reset.

5) If you want to sell your device or trade-in for a new one, then it’s important to wipe off your data so that you don’t leave it in the hands of a third party.How-to-format-tablet-android-phone


You may lose important files and documents, and app resetting or formatting your device. Please understand the basics. Infobase won’t he held liable for any error.

Note that formatting a system may lead to decline in the internal memory of a device, android and smartphone techie says.

Two major ways to format your tablet device are:

-Factory data reset
-Hard reset method.

Method one: Formatting your Device Using Reset factory data option

Step 1:
Tap “Settings” on your phone

Step 2:
Scroll down to category “PERSONAL” and click “Backup & input”

Step 3:
Back up your data by selecting the option “Back up my data”Back-up-tablet-device-infobasecomng

Step 4:
Scroll down to tap “Factory data reset”

Note that this option will erase all data on phone’s internal storage, including your google account, system and app data and settings, and downloaded app as earlier pointed out.How-to-format-tablet-device

To clear music, pictures, and other user data, you can tick erase phone storage and click “Reset Phone”

You are done.Reset-factory-data-of-smartphone

Allow phone to come up , you can restart it again if you like.

Method two: Hard reset method

This option is for those who are completely locked out due to wrong password, PIN, or code.

Step 1:
Power off your device by holding the switch off button till it goes off.
Allow it to completely go off say 5-10 seconds

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Step 2:
Hold the POWER key and volume key together simultaneously (volume down button) to start the resetting process.

Wait till the factory mode comes up, depending on your device, anyway.

Step 3:
A command-like window with sometimes a green text appears, and use the up/down volume keys to scroll and use the Power key to select “WIPE DATA”.

Allow your device to reboot some minutes.

That’s all.

Let’s know if it worked or doesn’t work for you.

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