Is a SCAM?

#FraudAlert | #AmMoneySite, a twin sister of, claims to pay you in dollars for viewing ad units, but how real is this claim?

We came across this site on Africa’s most popular forum, nairaland, where a user with a username kenniefawole claims that he made $21 on within 30minutes for viewing ad units, “before tonight I would try and cash out $150 dollars. Check procedure for registration.”

Analysis of Kenniefawole earnings in Nigerian Naira:

$1=N360 at the time of publishing this post, that’s the conversation rate.

So let’s take a look at how much he claimed to have earned and how much he’s going to make at the end of the month.

  • If he earned $21 within 30minutes, it means he made $42 (N15,120) within a hour.
  • If he worked on for 5hours a day, he would make $210 (N75,600)
  • Maintaining the number of hours per day, he would make $1,050 (N378,000) in a week working 5days a week.
  • In a month he would make $4,200 (N1,512,000).

Do you still believe that’s real? has the same operation pattern with, which has been online for some times deceiving users about making money online for just viewing ads.

Is it not real.

It is fake, and will only waste your time. Take a look at below, and how to steer clear of this kind of time-wasting ads viewing site.

How operates

The site is a scam, which we believe is being operated by cyber criminals. It claims to pay members for viewing ad units and commissions from referrals.

Unfortunately, AmMoney’s gimmick is aimed at getting traffic and tricking people to pay for referrals.

“You will receive money for viewing a commercial ad unit. At the moment, the cost of viewing is 10 cents. Viewing of advertising is carried out in your account after registration. Also, you will be able to attract referrals (other employees), get 50% of their earnings. A referral link is available in your account,” it claims.

It is false.

Once you sign up and start viewing ads units you are told that you get paid when you reach $150 payment threshold.

Unfortunately, you won’t be paid when you reach the payout threshold, even though you are shown fake TOP 50 PAYING MEMBERS.AmMoneysite.payment-proofs

Don’t be carried away by the ammoney tricks.

A Nigerian user told us how he made payment to to buy referrals, but his account was deleted when he reached the payout threshold.

To buy referral you are told to use your credit or debit card, where you are charged, that’s the height of the scam.

You may not know you have been scammed until you are unable to gain access to your dashboard NEVER again, unless you register with another email, you will also be duped if you register with another details.
Watch out for fake testimony like this:

“I could not believe it till the end namely, until the money was transferred to the bank card. Hurrah! Two weeks aren’t wasted, 4800 dollars earned!)) My gratitude to the administration for the opportunity to earn some money! Already withdrew it at the ATM, and I’m going to spend them tomorrow.”

What to do

1) Don’t waste your time on the site if you have registered already.

2) will steal your money by tricking you into buying fake referrals, don’t make such payment.

3) It is likely the site will continue to reach out to you for other fraudulent messages since it already has your details including your email address in its database. Please ignore any dubious messages you received from today.

Infobase verdict:

Don’t waste your time on, it is fake. You will never be paid.

You will be asked to refer 40 to the site or you buy refer from them, if you opt for refer purchase after 35 referrals to the site your account will be deleted you wouldn’t get access to your account to cash out., which earlier wrote on, which has the same pattern with has this advice for you.

“Online users are asked not to register with the fraudulent website and those who have already registered and working with the website are asked to stop.”

You can’t earn such a huge amount online for just viewing ad units, online money is real, but $4,200 per month isn’t for a beginner, you must have been established before you can be sure of earning that amount online.

Have you seen such fake online money making business? Share your experience with us.

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