NpowerNG Releases Payment Distribution for Beneficiaries

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N-power has released its payment distribution across Nigeria at the 10th edition of the Bola Tinubu Colloquium, which held in Lagos.

According to the organisers of the job initiative programme, the figure is a random selection of payments made to N-Power beneficiaries in the 6 geo-political zones: Southeast, Southwest, South south, Northeast, North central, and Northwest.

“Impact in numbers. This is a random selection of payments made to N-Power beneficiaries in the 6 geo-political zones. Every month, payment is made to N-Power beneficiaries in the 774 LGAs across Nigeria.”

But that has not really gone down well with some of the critics of the N-power programme, @Bukadaneistien, “The numbers impact is on paperwork and the real beings are still at home as unemployed graduates. Please stop politicizing!!”

On twitter, handlers of @npower_ng fired back by asking, “How many Local Government Areas have you been to sir? How many people have you come in contact with? You need to STOP calling facts lies when you have not conducted your research nor spent time investigating.”

N-power programme has received accolades from across the continent, but the recent speech by the world’s richest man said Nigerian government isn’t doing enough to build its human capital.

2017 final list

2017 final list is still pending, while the current 200,000 under its employ no longer receive their N30,000 monthly stipend at the end of the month.

Senior Special Assistant to the president on N-power, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede, at BTC promised that the 300,000 final list would be released soon. No date was given.Npowerng-payment-distribution-in-nigeria

Some of 2016 beneficiaries who spoke to infobase said they are now being paid middle of another month. They are yet to be paid March salary, which ends today.
Above all, the programme is helping a lot of Nigerian families , who have other small businesses on the side to complement N-power salary.

It is first of its kind in the history of a country that is blessed with millions of natural resources, unfortunately mismanaged by its previous leaders.

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