Vitalik Buterin donates $2.4 Million (in Ether) to SENS Research Foundation

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has donated $2.4 million (USD) worth of Ether to SENS Research Foundation, a charity organization that specialises in treating-age related diseases.

SENS Research Foundation confirmed the donation in a communiqué on its official website,

SENS foundation was one of the beneficiaries of Pineapple Fund in December 2017, when an anonymous philanthropist earmarked 9, 887 BTC to charity globally, and launched a website Pineapple Fund to support a diverse range of charitable courses worldwide for organizations doing anything worthwhile.

SENS Research organization received $1million worth of bitcoin during last year donation by pineapple fund.

SENS is a non-profit organization funds research in universities around the world and at its own Research Center by using regenerative medicine to repair the damage underlying the diseases of aging.

This time SENS foundation is enjoying a hand of generosity from one of the powerful voices in the cryptocurrency world because he believed in the vision of the brains behind the charity organization.

Vitalik was described as one of the fans of the founders, “fan of Aubrey’s work since [he] first read Ending Aging [de Grey’s book] as a teenager.”

“I am happy to have been blessed with the opportunity to personally support SENS’s efforts. Their focus on creating solutions to the diseases of aging, one of the greatest problems facing humanity, is very much in line with my goal to positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world.”

Why do you think non-profit organisations are benefitting largely from cryptocurrency boom?

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