Helping Hands International: MLM or Ponzi Scheme? (My Experience 2018)

Do you want to know if it’s safe to register with Helping Hands International (H2i)? I’m going to give you an objective review of my experience with for you to draw your conclusion on whether it’s a scam or real.

I’m not going to bore you with the usual stories you read online, “H2i is an empowerment-based- membership program, a global opportunity born out of the passion for total human capacity development and for helping the less privileged.”

I’m sure you have read that on more than a thousand websites.

In advanced countries, you’re given a product to use, and give your honest review about such product in return, so I think bad anyone who is writing about Helping Hands International in Nigeria must have experience with how H2i works.

Some folks out there claimed helping hands international is a ponzi scheme, while others say it’s an MLM. So what’s the difference between Ponzi Scheme and MLM?

Is Helping Hands International a Ponzi Scheme or MLM?

Only a few people know that there’s a clear difference between a ponzi scheme and Multi Level Marketing (MLM).

I’m going to bring in the expert analysis of Susan Ward of the balance in an article titled, Learn to Distinguish Between MLM and Pyramid Schemes” when she writes:

How MLM Works

“As a consultant or contractor or distributor (different companies call them different things) you make your money by selling the products to other multilevel marketing participants. If they’re not already a member of your MLM company, you sign them up.”

H2i is an MLM because a registered member, who is usually called H2I sponsor, gets more incentives as more people register under him.

“Besides earning money off your own sales, you also earn a percentage of the income generated by the distributors that you’ve brought into the program (your downline).”

Helping Hands International Sponsor gets a referral bonus of $8 on each person that registers under him, the more people he gets, the more his bonus accumulates. That’s how H2i works if you take your time to check stages in h2i and compensation planHelping Hands International (H2i)

Pyramid Schemes

“…not every multilevel marketing opportunity is a legitimate business opportunity. Many pyramid schemes, frauds designed to part the unwary from their money, are disguised.”

What actually makes a business legitimate is whether it is registered by the appropriate government agencies. Before a business is registered, its mode of operation would have to be vetted by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in case of Nigeria.

The notorious money-doubling platform, MMM, wasn’t certified and couldn’t be registered because its mode of operation isn’t sustainable. And Security Stock Exchange (SEC) strongly warned Nigerians from participating in it.

H2i is registered in Nigeria and has a physical office address in Lagos as a regional office. A ponzi scheme doesn’t have any physical office.

So, Helping Hands International Nigeria isn’t a ponzi scheme.

The big difference between multilevel marketing and pyramid schemes

“The big difference between multilevel marketing and pyramid schemes is that MLM is legal in Canada (and most of the US) and pyramid schemes aren’t. Participating in a pyramid scheme is an offense under the Criminal Code of Canada, punishable by up to five years imprisonment.”

MLM, just as it is in Canada and some of parts of US, is a legal business. H2i isn’t the only licenced MLM Company in Nigeria; we also have other indigenous MLM companies that are registered under CAC.


How do you tell whether H2i is a legitimate business opportunity or a scam?

Pyramid Schemes Have Only One Purpose

“The big difference between multilevel marketing and a pyramid scheme is in the way the business operates. The entire purpose of a pyramid scheme is to get your money and then use you to recruit other suckers (ahem – distributors).”

Helping Hands International has been around for some years in Nigeria with H2i testimonies all over the country. More than 90% of Nigeria’s 36 states has at least 10 H2i member who have won H2i card award. While more than thousands of members have won other compensation ranging from LCD TV, washing machine, iPad, freezer etc.

Pyramid scheme will run away with your money, just like MMM did. H2i has come to stay in Nigeria, it hasn’t run away with anyone’s money.

The only thing is to make sure you’re dealing with a genuine h2i member before registering.

There are fake member who could collect your money and run away. That’s a personal issue, not the company’s cause. However, I’m going to show you in another article how to identify a good H2i sponsor.

“The entire purpose of MLM is to move product. The theory behind MLM is that the larger the network of distributors, the more product the business will be able to sell.”

The product of H2i is basically philanthropy, helping the less privileged, motherless babies, and other no-profit organizations..

Use these questions as an acid test if you’re in the least doubt as to whether the h2i business opportunity you’re considering is multi level marketing or a pyramid scheme:

1)”Are you required to “invest” a large amount of money up front to become a distributor? This investment request may be disguised as an inventory charge. Legitimate MLM businesses do not require large start up costs.”

H2i one time membership registration fee is N6,600, and you can get this back from referral commission based on your marketing drive.

Though we now have some registered members who claim you can get 80% of your registration fee back within a day.

That’s not true

Anyone who claims that is only trying to climb H2i lather quickly so as to get h2i awards. At the end such person leaves you to your destiny.

Getting your money back depends largely on your promotional skills, not by questionable means you see around. The questionable claim raises suspicion, which isn’t healthy to the company.

However, there are some h2i big boys, who because of their success stories get more people who want to join their team, they in turn transfer such new prospects to their downlines, but that doesn’t guaranty that you’d get 80% of your money back within a day. What about if no one shows interest to register under him in a day?

“The pyramid scheme focuses on fast profits from signing people up and getting their money.”

H2i isn’t created to make fast money. Helping hands is not a get rich quick scheme.

Just because you invested money into helping hands and didn’t get anything, because you’ve not taken action, does not make it a scam. There is a marketing plan as with any network marketing company. If you don’t follow the marketing plan all the way you won’t get the promised cash and incentive awards.

What you need to know about Helping Hands International (h2i) before joining

People expect to invest a little sum and expect all the money and incentives to start falling in right away. It doesn’t work that way.

Network marketing is like any other business, meaning you need to work it to make it work. If it’s not working the way you want, you get marketing materials online: books and video materials online that can help you grow.

Please do not be deceived no network marketing business is ‘easy’ you have to put in the hard work before reaping benefits.

My personal experience with helping hands international biz

Success in MLM is a gradual process.Since I joined H2i no one has ever given me any downline, my sponsor didn’t promise me one either, I joined because I know I could do it if others are riding H2i car awards…self-believe!

But I’ve used my marketing strategies on this website and all social media channels to shoot myself up the lather of H2i.

I’m ready to guide you on how to you too can achieve success in helping hands international (H2i).

Is helping hands international biz opportunity a scam or ponzi scheme?

In my experience so far, NO! Helping hands international business plan is transparent and open to anyone prospects to read, this you can get in the Terms and Conditions, unfortunately most people don’t read T&C. At the end they claim a business is a scam.

H2i isn’t. Your marketing strategies count.

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