#Nigeria2019GeneralElection: “Buhari will lose in 2019, who will replace him, is my problem”

The Danger of Leadership Stampede …An Unknown Replacement Should Worry Us Too!

A friend posted a prophecy on his wall today that reads and I quote: “Buhari will lose in 2019, who will replace him, is my problem”!

The above quoted statement can mean either of two things, or a combination of both …

One, about nursing a bruised hope of a perceived wasted investment, in a leader, that found delivery of an expected great level of governance, simply a huge task!

Two, can be about a terrible loathing of the current leader, out of political association variance, such that nothing but a stumble is wished him!

In either of the two offered reasons for prediction, there lurks an envelope of fear, that once delivered, opened or not, the receiver will head for the toilet to open marathon bowels!

What I really appreciate in this, is the admission that, praying for this leader to go in 2019, comes with it a feeling of electorate political gamble, that might post a regret!

I can understand with people in the heat of the perceived persecution of the current leadership, in Nigeria, wanting a quick fix.

But posterity may not forgive those of us, in developed world, aware of the required repair window for this kind of self-inflicted mess, but pretending about the existence of a magic wand.

Can we afford to continue to gamble, at every election time, without a needed patience to exhaust a search for our solution to the mess created?

I am not suggesting we wait another 16 years, but except we are committed to sourcing new hands of genuine leadership materials, and not recycle old hands, we must allow this current leadership to see out at least the constitutionally-allowed two terms!

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Sounds crazy, isn’t it?

To be honest, I was not expecting a handshake from all, posting these views, knowing how much incensed some had been, have come to be, and are preparing to be, because of a perceived expectations that are still awaiting delivery!
Those genuinely incensed have a right to be so.

When you appoint a leader, through a casting of valuable votes, you reserve a right to be disappointed, if the choice failed to deliver!

This is also about all factors of economic, social, true political bearing, good values, great politial awareness, all arms of government ready to serve the people, held constant.

Before casting the first stone, how convinced or satisfied, are we, that everything necessary for birthing good leadership, are in place?

Out of objective criticism, this current leadership, by those observant enough about the extent of rots inflicted, were just hoping it could be a great gamble.

The tools needed for our cultivation, to anticipate a bumper political and economic harvest, were not in place. If there were any tools, they were no longer in functioning state!

Starting from our choice of leaders at the previous or the last 2015 polls, our choices were compromised, opting for quantities, at the expense of qualities!
Notable amongst the ranks of APC, are known un-proved owners of largesse, that we refused to vet and purge, before voting them!

Yet, we went ahead, thinking because Muhammadu Buhari was clean to that point, he will use the broom of his party logo, to sweep the corrupt into the Ocean!

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When was it, that one standing Iroko tree has come to answer a forest?
Are we denying an admission by this current President, that he could not afford running for election, as a result of the huge costs involved?

Rather than the people coming out en-mass then to ask him to contest as independent candidate, and vote him, we waited until the political investors and professional gamblers, bankrolled his election.

We must not forget that he who pays the piper, dictates the tune. And for every investment, is an expectation of returns!

The sudden upsurge of “Buhari Must Go in 2019”, without telling us with all assurance of a credible successor or replacement, amounts to corruption!

Until we have been convinced a credible option has been found, with above 50 percent chance of giving good leadership, we must not mislead the people.

The people too, must emerge from the ominous anonymity experienced to date, to come and assume their roles in our ailing and comatose democracy.

That those stampeding the current leadership are still suggesting a recycle of old and corrupt hands, is sad and indefensible.

If we are looking to break away from the sad norms of electing leaders on grounds of reasons that will announce them doomed before take off, we must go for a wiping of our slates clean.

Any leader from amongst the past, or current crops, are nothing but hypocrisy. Birds of same feathers, will always look out for each other.

That is why corrupt politicians of all the political parties will pretend to slug it out openly, in day time, but assemble at night at the Upper Room, speaking different languages, but united in missions and objectives!

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The corrupt are united more than Manchester United, but the people to take on them in a fight to finish, to get rescued, are so divided, they can’t even feature in the league lowest division!

First before you envisage a change of your leader, stand in front of a good mirror, and if any of those dark spots, are spotted on you, then do a rethink.

Sometimes, recording remarkable success in life is not about a thought of changing your God. It is most times, about changing your ways and attitudes.
Before we invite in another good-intentioned leader to destroy, let us make sure there is in place, an enabling environment.

As it is, no leader can deliver for the nation. The people hold the key to the true change we are anticipating.

Not about a leader, not about Buhari!
It’s about us all.



This post is an opinion of one of Nigerian Facebook users.

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