USI-TECH Bitcoin Pack Product: 140% ROI Review and Analysis

I have found several controversies surrounding United Software Intelligence (USI-Tech) about whether its approach to bitcoin is real or not.

I’m not going to base my argument on whether it’s a scam or not, but strictly on two points:

  1. How USI BTC Pack works
  2. Can a scam firm pay off its customers?

Explanation of USI BTC Packs: What is BTC Package?

A BTC Pack is a product you buy directly from USI. The payment method is Bitcoin (BTC) and the returns are paid in BTC, hence the name “BTC Pack.”

The purchase represents a contractual relationship in which YOU buy a product called a BTC PACK directly from USI and pay USI in BTC. In return USI agrees to pay YOU back 140% of that BTC purchase amount, paid daily at the rate of between 0.7% and 1.2% per working day, on a best efforts basis.

Once you have received a total of 140% of your BTC purchase amount the contract is finished / complete. BTC Pack returns are paid to your USI back office wallet working days Tuesday to Saturday. You can withdraw your BTC balance in your USI wallet at any time provided the BTC amount is greater than the equivalent of EUR100.


What is USI?

USI means United Software Intelligence (USI). It is a cryptocurrency firm, whose approach to bitcoin can make participants get value from the BTC package they purchased. Please read USI Terms and Agreement to have a perfect understanding of how it operates.

  1. Where can I see my daily returns for the BTC Packs I purchased?
  2. Log in to your back office and go to Package Options » Package Status. This report displays all your Pack orders. You can click on the magnifying glass to see the details of the purchase and the daily returns for each purchase.
  3. Why is the amount of return I get per BTC pack different for me than someone who purchased a BTC Pack before me or after me?
  4. If person A purchased a BTC Pack when 1 BTC was worth 2,000 Euros a pack, it would have cost 0.025 BTC. If person B purchased a pack when the price of BTC was 10,000 Euros a pack, it would have cost 0.005 BTC.
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Assume the daily % paid today was 1% then person A would receive 0.00025BTC today and person B would receive 0.00005BTC today as their daily return per pack.

  1. How can I work out the total amount of BTC I paid for my purchases or how much the total returns will be once 140% is paid?
  2. Log in to your back office and go to Package Options » Package Status » Active BTC Packages. Total up the amount in the “Amount” column to see how much you paid, multiply that amount by 1.4 and you have the total you will receive for all these packs. If you total the “Payout” column you will see how close you are to that total.
  3. How do I calculate my total BTC Pack daily return on a specific day?
  4. Log in to your back office and go to Package Options » Package Status » Active BTC Packages. Total the amount in the “Amount” column to see how much you paid for your current BTC Packs (be sure to total every page).

Take your total purchase value and multiply it by the published daily rate and you will get your total returns for that day. To find the daily rate, on the above page select the magnified glass in from on the Package ID column, select the Daily Payout tab and you will see the date, day and percentage amount paid. USI is very transparent about BTC Pack returns.

Note with BTC’s higher current value, the number of decimal places needed for one pack is getting larger, so if you added just one pack yesterday, you may not see a significantly higher total return today especially given the variation in daily return rates. Despite that, over time the decimals all add up to achieving your goals.

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Can a scam firm pay off its customers?

In a recent controversy between the company and its US/Canadian partners regarding violation of some of USI AGBS, it paid partners in the affected country off.

“We have frequently denounced the misconduct of many partners in the US and Canada regarding the misrepresentation of our products and our company, and we have pointed out the risks and possible consequences many times,” it says in a statement.

The question now is: Can a scam firm pay off its users?

You want to purchase USI BTC pack and enjoy bitcoin benefits?

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