Cheapest Glo Data Bundle Plan for 2018: 4G for N950 Plus 6% Discount on every Airtime Recharge


Here I’m going to show you how to get Glo 4GB for N950; 9.5GB for N1,850; 12.5GB for just N2,250; and 15GB for as low as N2,700.

Glo data is the cheapest among other data providers in Nigeria, no wonder it dubbed itself “The King of Data.” While buying data directly from the telecommunication is the cheapest, do you also know that you can purchase the cheapest data bundle from one of Glo’s partners?

Yes, I believe you want to stay connected with friends on your favourite social media. Definitely you’d need affordable data bundle to achieve this.

15GB for N2,700, Isn’t that affordable?

Sure, you want to eliminate the issue of middle men. You could as well be data and airtime reseller in your community if you so wish.

Check the Glo data bundle and prices below:

4GB 950 90days
9.5GB 1,850 90days
12.5GB 2,250 90days
15GB 2,700 90days
24GB 3,600 90days
30GB 4,500 90days
55GB 7,200 90days
120GB 13,500 90days
150GB 16,200 90days


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Cheapest Glo Airtime Recharge

Pay N94 for N100 Glo airtime

N188 for N200 Glo airtime

N470 for N500 Glo airtime

N940 for N1,000  Glo airtime

N1,880 for N2,000 Glo airtime etc

N2,820 for N3,000 recharge

N3,760 for N4,000 Glo recharge

N4,700 for N5,000 Glo airtime

N5,640 for N6,000 worth of Glo airtime

N7,000 Glo airtime for N6,580

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N8,000 Glo recharge for N7,520

N9,000 Glo airtime for N8,460

N10,000 Glo airtime for N9,400 etc

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