Cheapest Airtel Data Bundle Plan for 2018: Get 5% Discount on Airtime


You want to stay connected with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and your other favourite social media? Definitely you’d need affordable data plan to achieve this. Here I’m going to show you how to get 1GB Airtel for N950 instead N1,000, 3.5GB for N1,900 instead of N2,000 etc.

Other benefit…start your own recharge card printing business in your area at affordable prices that’d give you an edge

Did you say it’s too exciting to be true? You only need to register on the platform I’m going to show you and start enjoying cheap data without any middle men. You could as well be data reseller yourself if you so wish.

The data plan below have 90 days validity period

1.5GB= this goes for N950

3.5GB= goes for N1,900

7GB= goes for N3,325

10GB for N4,750

16GB for N7,600

22GB for N9,500

Affordable Airtel Recharge Card

Recharge your 9mobile line and get an amazing five percent discount right away; however the minimum purchase is N100

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Pay N95 for N100 airtel airtime

N190 for N200  airtel airtime

N475 for N500 airtel airtime

N950 for N1,000 airtel airtime

N1,900 for N2,000 airtel airtime etc

N2,850 for N3,000 recharge

N3,800 for N4,000 airtel recharge

N4,750 for N5,000 airtel airtime

REGISTER On CK Cheap Data Plan Platform


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