Security Tips for Christmas and New Year Celebrations

Christmas season is known to be full of fun, excitement, as such people go shopping carrying large amount of cash and expensive gifts, while you’re shopping, or in the market criminals too definitely go with you because that’s the best place to take advantage of stealing from you.

Whether in the office, market, or shopping mall, staying safe this time is probably the most important thing you can do to keep yourself away from criminals so that you don’t become the next victim.

You need to take extra precautions this season; here are some of the safety and security tips you need to remember this holiday.

  • Lock your entrance door

It’s likely to be a busy time for you receiving and attending to visitors. If you are occupying an apartment alone, make sure that your gate is locked with a sign requesting visitors to lock.

If you reside in an estate comprising of different apartments, lock the entrance door to your own suite with an alarm at the door requesting your visitor to knock. If you have a reception, it’s also security wise to lock the door to your main suite so no one gains access to your suite without permission.

  • Christmas shopping safety

Going shopping could also alert burglars to any valuables being left behind in the house. Make sure your entrance and exit doors are checked to be sure they’re properly locked before leaving home.

  • Carrying your goods from shopping mall

Gifts and other valuables could easily attract criminals if they are exposed. If the pack is transparent, opt for another pack that doesn’t show what you’re carrying. Don’t carry those items to flaunt your wealth.

  • Closely monitor visitors on your premises

If you’re the type that receives a lot of visitors this season make sure to monitor them while they are in your premises; or put your security personnel on RED ALERT. According to, people to monitor include messengers, delivery, and maintenance personnel. “It is better to escort them to inner office or work areas rather than simply directing them.”

  • Christmas and New Year Gifts precautions

Whether you’re the one willing to present gifts to your loved ones, or you’re the receiver, it’s not security advisable to leave holiday presents outside where everyone could see them. Leaving those gifts outside is a simple way of inviting criminals into your home.

  • Challenge strangers in your vicinity

Watch faces in your apartment and surrounding. Challenge anyone who wanders alone in your apartment, even if you’ve seen that individual before. Individuals (like maintenance personnel) or any other person you’ve seen before could also perpetrate theft.

  • Do not leave small valuables like PC, iPhones, Android device in unsafe place

Personal valuables like iPhones, iPads, Personal Computers, power bank, iPods etc are attractive items that could easily be taken unnoticed; keep them in safe areas.

  • Security precautions at public places like night club

Do you club? Club is a place of fun, a place to make new friends, see new faces, at the same time is one of the danger zones during festive season like this. If you club, be in the midst of those you’re mostly familiar with. If you go alone, stay close to exit doors in case anything goes awry.

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It’s also better to leave your personal devices like smart watch, iPads, all those expensive devices at home, and go with cheap phone to call with in case you’re in danger. Be careful on who you make friend with; don’t share your personal details with someone you see at a club.

  • Do you close late at your working place?

Before leaving office late in the night call someone closer to you tell him the time range you’re likely to be home. If he doesn’t see you within that range he could contact security or your office. If you’re driving alone, watch car behind you. This is just one of smart ways to stay safe this season.

  • Lock packages securely in your trunk

It’s also advised that you should lock packages in your trunk “where they can be a visible enticement for thieves. Look around to see who is watching you when you do so,” securitynet says.

  • Be alert for pickpockets on the street

Keep your wallet in secured place, possibly in the front pocket of your trousers if it’s jean, or your side pocket, it could easily be stolen if kept in back pocket while in a crowded area. Avoid staying in a crowded place, if possible, and be alert to someone walking close to you.

“Fasten pockets and turn purse flaps toward your body with your hand covering it.”

  • Don’t leave dangerous weapons outside

Utensils like knife, spoons could be used as weapon, don’t leave them outside at night or any time of the day.

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These measures are very important and should be taken year round; particularly during critical time like Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Taking these extra precautions can help reduce the risk of becoming a victim during Christmas and New Year seasons.



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