#NpowerNG 2017 Pre-selection message Vs Name on website, which did you see? | How REAL is Npower PDF List in Circulation?


Since N-power announced the release of the successful applicants for the pre-selection stage, there has been discrepancy between what some applicant got on the NpowerNG website and the text message they got.

One of the raging issues is a situation whereby some applicants see “your record isn’t found on the Npower portal” when they tried to check their application status on the pre-selection list.

The second is a situation where some applicants got successful message on the website that they’ve been pre-selection, yet they’re yet to get SMS being sent by N-power Team.

Which do I believe?

N-power has the authentic list of pre-selected candidates with them, as such the list would be dispatched to the various N-power Physical Verification Centres across the country. If you’ve been pre-selected on the website but you’re yet to get NpowerNG SMS you need not worry as NpowerNG is addressing that.

And to a few others who got SMS and didn’t find their names on the website at the last check it could be as a result of bad network, or huge traffic the website has been experiencing since the pre-selection list was announced. Please, keep checking the website with your correct BVN.

Use this link http://check.npvn.ng/#/preSelectionStatus to check your status

What about Npower PDF List in Circulation?

We saw the list which is in circulation, but we can tell you the list is a fabrication of some individuals who have ulterior motive.

The list has 89 pages, from our analysis we discovered that the list is fake, couldn’t have emanated from N-power Headquarters, Abuja. Early this morning we found out that N-power has disregarded the list on its social media page. We ran a check of some of the successful applicants who have been pre-selected on the list, but couldn’t find their name on the list.

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The list is fake.

The arrangement on the list is faulty, as we don’t expect N-power to release a list that it isn’t well arranged, where N-Teach applicants and other programmes were mumbled together.

Please disregard the list because it is fake.

All information regarding Npower 2017 can either be found on its social media channels, its website, or you get a formal email from Npower or you get a formal text message from the job initiative team.

Please don’t offer yourself to fraudsters. N-power is 100% FREE without political influence.

With the ongoing Npower 2017, it’s glaring that the programme is well planned and organized than the pioneering stage, which could be seen as test-stage.

Above all, the Federal Government of Nigeria deserves Kudos, Presidential aid on job Creation Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede and his team deserves commendations.

We also hope that the volunteers make best out of the job initiative programme by encouraging the government to do even more by their attitude to work.

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