#NpowerNG 2017 Application Breakdown Analysis: 2.5million unemployed Nigerians applied, Lagos has the HIGHEST | Why was NpowerNG2017 so competitive?

  • 2,543,079 stormed NpowerNG2017 job portal

  • 2,258,266 BVN verified

  • 1,746,454 wrote on line test

  • 511,812 failed to write online assessment test 

  • 300,000 made final list

  • 1,446,454 passed Bvn test,wrote test but didn’t make list 

This is the analysis of the 2017 NpowerNG application process with the total number of applications, total of number of verified BVN, number of those that wrote the online assessment test, number of those that didn’t make the list even though they wrote the online test.

How many people applied for Npower2017?

Total of number of applications received was 2,543,079. The unemployed Nigerians stormed the npowerNG job portal.

Unfortunately, not all of them pass the BVN validation test carried out via the assistance of NIBBS. Only 2,258,266 had their bvn validated. Which means those who failed that stage was 284,813 applicants. Their bvn didn’t match their record. They where automatically screened out.

The essence of it was to remove the problem of payment when it’s time for disbursement of monthly stipend.
If you asked us at infobase, it’s a good idea as we still have some 2016 Npower applicants who are still facing payment problem due to error in their BVN.

How many of them wrote the online test?

As you can see above, 2,258,266 applicants had their bvn verified. In terms they got invitations to proceed for the online assessment test. Unfortunately, only 1,746,454 applicants wrote the test. Which means 511,812 of them didn’t honour the online test.

But we must also note that this set of people also included those who couldn’t write the test due to network problem in their area, those who didn’t follow submission guide, and those who weren’t informed etc.

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How many made final list?

Before the commencement of the second phase of npower it’s known that the job scheme is aiming for 300,000 Nigerian graduates. So npowerng team had to put lot of factors into consideration before coming up with the final list.

That’s expected in an enormous application scheme like NpowerNG. The criteria include:
1. BVN Validation and Online Assessment
2. Achieving equity
3. Linking selection to population using Federal Constituencies
4. Addressing Demand Distribution of Unemployed Graduates
5. Taking into account, Deployment/Utilization issues from 2016
6. Correcting Deployment/Utilization challenges among 2016 N-Power beneficiaries
7. Rural-Urban Distribution Balance. Priority was given to the Rural Areas especially N-Agro applicants
8. Programme Allocation – Teach/Agric/Health

300,000 have been pre-selected for the physical verification stage. Applicants and the General Public must note that pre-selection does not equate Final selection.

This simply means 1,446,454 people who passed the bvn verification and wrote the test didn’t make the final list.

Why was NpowerNG2017 so competitive?

That’s simple. During the 2016 application process no one ever believed that a federal job program or application could be fair without political influence. But it was fair and the world was amazed that such is happening in Nigeria for the first time.

Second, the federal government promised that the 200,000 successful volunteers would be paid N30,000 each per month. And they began the payment beginning from December 2016. Meaning the FG started paying 6billion Nigerian Naira per month to the successful applicants.

Third, the number of applications in 2016 was low because people thought it’s a usual business. Nigerians had their hopes dashed in the past administrations. There was lack of trust until the government started paying.

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Another reason for the large turn out of applications in the 2017 is the promise fulfilled about the Npowerng device tablets given out to its first batch of 2016 applicants. The cheapest of the device ranges between 65,000-75,000 Naira. That has never happened in the history of Nigerian government.

Whether we like it or not, FG should be given the kudos for the innovative idea. Unemployment would have reduced to some level if beginning from 1999 this kind of program had started. Accumulation of unemployment started long time ago.

So how did the 36 states fared in the application?

Let’s take quick look at the number of applications received from each state.

Disclaimer :
The figure we’re about to share was got from photo shared by NpowerNG on its social media platforms.
We couldn’t see some of the figures clearly, so while some may be the exact figure a few others may be slightly different. In a situation where we couldn’t get the exact figure we will use the nearest figure or we simply approximate.

Please visit npowerng social media channels to download and check the photo maybe you’d be lucky to see more clearly.

NpowerNG 2017 Application breakdown by 36 states plus FCT, Abuja

Kaduna: 33,039
Jigawa :113,960
Kano: 97,748
Katsina: 40,742
Kebbi: 30,975
Sokoto: 22,501
Zamfara : 32,186
FCT, Abuja : 120,196
Benue: 89,734
Kogi: 61,789
Kwara :77,336
Nassarawa: 72,732
Niger: 73,236
Plateau :68,955
Ekiti: 37,594
Lagos: 174,994 that’s the highest
Ogun: 74,940
Ondo: 69,224
Osun: 87,281
Oyo: 133,281
Adamawa: Over 50,000
Bauchi: Close to 52,000
Borno: Over 55,000
Gombe: Close to 28,000
Taraba: Not clear enough
Yobe: Over 32,000
Abia: Over 54,000
Anambra : Over 61,000
Ebonyi: Over 39,000
Imo: Over 60,000
Akwa Ibom: 58,143
Bayelsa: 23,659
Cross River: 49,596
Delta: 106,509
Edo: 63,507
Rivers: 145,773
Enugu: Over 81,000

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We congratulate those who made the final list.

Caution :
This is the time fraudsters will be out to prey on unformed and desperate applicants, please if you can find your name on the NpowerNG job portal, and you are yet to get SMS don’t bribe or give money to anyone to help. No one can do that. The list is the final and NpowerNG is absolutely FREE.

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