N-power MTN Data Checking Codes| How to Recharge N-power MTN Line

N-power MTN data checking code is different from the common ones used out there because MTN line is specially configured for the beneficiaries of the job initiative programme.

Here are the codes to use for checking your N-power airtime, and for checking your data balance.

1) Have you collected your N-power tablet device? That’s cool, and it means you’re ready to roll. Before you begin exploring what the device comes with, it’s imperative you know the following:

2) That the devices contain free monthly internet connection, 750MB per month, N250 free call credit monthly.

3) That the codes for checking N-power data balance, account balance and recharge your line are slightly different from what others use in the market.

4) That the N-power MTN data balance code is specifically designed for beneficiaries of the programme.

So how do you carry out all these tasks on your N-power dedicated lines?

That’s cool. Isn’t it?

The photo below shows some of N-power beneficiaries at MTN office in Osogbo, Osun State, on the queue to collect their table devices. That’s how it’s in other parts of the country during device distribution and collection.


To mark attendance on your N-power tablet device you need internet connection, this is one of the reasons the device comes with 750MB monthly for a year period.

Unused data can be rolled over to another month.

To check your N-power MTN  data balance dial *559*24# and send to see What you have left.

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How TO CHECK N-POWER MTN ACCOUNT BALANCEN-power MTN data checking codes

To check the account balance on your N-power mtn line, dial *558# and send and you’d see your call credit balance.

The tariff on the line is extremely low, according to NpowerNG Solutions, a dedicated blog for N-power news update and analysis. If you’re prudent enough, call when it’s imperative, the N250 should be enough to manage for the month.


If the free N250 isn’t enough for you you’re free to use your personal money to recharge. Just make sure you don’t use it in violation against N-power T&C.

To recharge N-power MTN Line dial *557*recharge card pin code# and send to top up.

The N-power devices have also been preloaded with learning materials relevant to individual area: N-teach, N-agro, N-health.

You’d also find other self development materials like:
1) Networking
2) Technology
3) Communication
4) IoT
5) Entrepreneurship
6) Digital
7) Digital Marketing
8) Programming
9) iOS
10) Android
11) Life
12) Careers
13) Job hunting
14) Work
15) Wealth
16) Leadership
17) Management

The programme has partnered with top tech firms in the world for the training resources, some of them include:
1) Cisco
2) Eclat
3) Google
4) Microsoft
5) Nathan LeadGate etc.

We wish beneficiaries the BEST, and hope you’d make good use of it.

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