Making millions from Crypto Affiliate Marketing

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The popularity of the most valuable digital currency bitcoins as culminated into hundreds of Facebook groups, and millions of bitcoin blogs across the World. At this time you need to exercise caution in investing putting your money via jus any websites on the web.

We’ve also got some bitcoin network marketing firms, in which is one of them. It’s membership is growing rapidly by the day. So I’m going to take my time to go straight into the basics, and I urge you to read through.

What’s Bitcoins Wealth Club about?

Bitcoins Wealth Club System is bitcoins group of bitcoins investors which is out there to educate, and teach it’s members on how to automate their marketing and promotion of affiliate programs to enjoy multiple streams of income with total duplication.

Who is the founder of

This bitcoin platform was created by Vitaliy Dubinin, a full time internet marketer, business coach and online entrepreneur. The group has now grown to have over 20, 000 group members with some of them Premium and VIP members.

Why bitcoins wealth club?

To help people generate multiple streams of passive income by leveraging ONE turn-key Free System.

To collaborate with other members and help identify and avoid fake and scam opportunities thus saving you and the people you love from losing money.

To provide all its members with best Education and up-to-date information about the world of Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies so you can take full advantage!

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To share the top resources to help people buy bitcoins, grow and multiple bitcoins, trade bitcoins for other crypto-currencies and generate massive profits.

To leverage the system and allow you to earn multiple streams of passive income from bitcoin opportunities, Etherium and other real cryptocurrencies in the future.

What makes this different from other bitcoin affiliate programme?

It gives its members the freedom for decision, meaning you can opt for free membership, yet get commissions from members who join through you and who go premium or VIP. In this case you get 10% commission of such sales. And you can also go premium to get more out of the group.

Downside: You can’t get any commission if you are a free member and your referral fails to upgrade. It means the full financial gain lies in the premium and VIP memberships.

I have no experience in Internet Marketing. Can I really do this?

Bitcoins wealth club has everything a newbie needs to get started. Whether you’re an experienced internet marketer or not, the system has been loaded with all the information needed to set you on the right track with video tutorials.

What does it cost to join Bitcoins Wealth Club system?

There is no cost to join this marketing system, it’s 100% free. By registering, you will receive your own landing pages to use to refer people to Bitcoins Wealth Club and keep your leads inside your auto-responder, you can set up multiple income streams as many as you want.

How much can I earn in this program?

There is no limit to how much you can earn inside Bitcoins Wealth Club. It’s up to you to put in the work and effort to reap the rewards of success. The affiliate commissions you earn in this system are all yours to keep whatever the affiliate program offers in commissions 100% of it goes to you! The funds you earn from your referrals all go to you.

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Three memberships are available:

1.Free membership: You will get 10% commission of referral you made from Premium and VIP sales.

  1. Premium membership: You will get 40% commissions from all Premium and VIP sales. You can go premium by starting with as little as 50 Euros worth of bitcoins. By the time you start raking in the benefits of this group you can opt to upgrade to VIP where you can fully tap into full returns.
  2. VIP membership: You will get 70% commissions for all Premium and VIP sales!

After your registration at BWC Official website make sure you login to your dashboard on top right corner of the page, click on EDIT PROFILE to fill your details so that it would be easier for your referrals to communicate with you via phone number, email, and your social media channels, and upload your photo. And click on SAVE.

Head back to the top of your page Click on My Account>Affiliate Account Settings so that you can be paid every two weeks for your referral commissions. Just copy and paste your bitcoin wallet address to start receiving you’re your commissions.

How do I get paid?

In each program you are walked through how to accept commissions as payment from new affiliates as they enroll. Two payment methods are allowed: PayPal and Bitcoin. Bitcoin is mostly recommended because you get your payment instantly. Simply copy and paste your bitcoin wallet address to your in your affiliate payment settings.

All Commissions for Premium and VIP memberships are paid out twice a month on the 15th and 30th of the month and all profit sharing pools commissions paid out every 30th of the month.

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Free members are eligible for 10% commissions from Premium and VIP sales, Premium members are eligible for 40% commissions from all Premium and VIP sales and VIP members are eligible for 70% commissions for all Premium and VIP sales!

VIP members are eligible to share 20% of the profits of Bitcoins Wealth Club every month on the 30th of the month.

You can save 17% by paying for 6 months in advance and you can save 25% by paying 12 months in advance on Premium or VIP memberships.

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