19 Support centre Phone numbers for Unpaid Npower Volunteers

The officials of the job initiative programme of Nigerian government will begin to call unpaid volunteers again.

Photo Credit: Npower facebook

In this regard the management of the programme has released 19phone numbers through which unpaid volunteers will be called in order to resolve their payment problems.

Npower Support Centre MTN Lines

  1. 0906-000-0445
  2. 0906-000-0446
  3. 0906-000-0447
  4. 0906-000-0448
  5. 0906-000-0449
  6. 0906-000-0450
  7. 0906-000-0451
  8. 0906-000-0452
  9. 0906-000-0453
  10. 0906-000-0454

Npower Support Centre Glo Lines

  1. 0905-555-5960
  2. 0905-555-5961
  3. 0905-555-5962
  4. 0905-555-5963
  5. 0905-555-5964
  6. 0905-555-5965

Npower Support Centre Etizalat Lines for Unpaid Volunteers

  1. 0909-999-8401
  2. 0909-999-8402
  3. 0909-999-8403



Npower Nigeria while re-publishing the official support lines, said successful applicants during the first recruitment, who were having Npower Payment Problem  would be called to verify their details.

N-power released 19 official phone Numbers that will call unpaid volunteers.

It advised the beneficiaries to be wary of other unsolicited calls which aren’t from npower.
How to know calls are from NPOWER Nigeria

Photo Credit: Npower facebook

It might be difficult to know, but the simplest way  to know calls are from NPOWER Abuja is:

Store the phone numbers on your Device so that you’ll know you’re handing out your details to the right person, who is ready to assist.

It takes nothing to store just 19 phone numbers on your phone, when your payment issue is resolved you can delete them afterwards.

Ensure you keep your phone within reach so that you don’t miss npower calls.

Above all, be  polite!

What to do In case you missed Calls from Npower Nigeria

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