Homily for May 22:We are Jesus’ Witnesses by Fr. Abu

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Homily for May 22, 2017

Today, Jesus Christ calls us his witnesses. We are to work side by side with the Counsellor, that is, the Holy Spirit in spreading the news about him to the world. How are we to be his witnesses if we are yet to encounter him personally?

How are we to stand up for him, if we are not convinced about him as the answer to the world’s deepest yearnings? How can we witness to him if we do not abide in the Holy Spirit?

Our first reading today records how our fathers in the faith carried out their duty as witnesses in the region of Macedonia and how the Holy Spirit used them mightily to bring the leading men and women of the city to God. They give us an example of how we are to witness for Christ.

However, in every age and time, Christians generally are faced with different forms of persecution from the hostile world that does not want to hear about Christ. Today the kind of persecution we face is an internal battle.

It is easier they say to break a man down when you live in the same house as that man than you would if you were simply a stranger, this is the persecution that the sincere believers face, a persecution that aims to make the church an entertainment centre that encourages immorality, indecency and all manner of evil.

The real persecution is no longer in Christians being hanged to death or burnt at the stake but in MORALITY AND TRUTH being hanged or burnt to death in the lives of those who call themselves Christians. The real persecution is that the church no longer has a say in the affairs of society and has lost its respect and dignity in the hearts of many.

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Dear friends, let us be on our guard and live in a manner that truly represents us as witnesses for Christ. Let us let go of this emphasis on material prosperity that only feeds the flesh and its desires at the detriment of the Spirit for this is the only way we can stand up for our faith in our age and time.

Let us pray: Lord Jesus, may the Holy Spirit use me as your witness. Amen.

*Be Happy. Live Positive. Have Faith. It is well with you. God bless you. (Monday of the 6th week of Easter. Bible Study: Acts 16:11-15. / John 15:26-16:4.).*


Fr. Abu.

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