NYSC Senate Approved List for All Nigerian Institutions

NYSC Senate approved list will show you whether you have been mobilised by your institution or not, and what you can do to possibly do to make subsequent list.

How to verify NYSC Senate Approved List:

1) Enter https://nysc.org.ng/nysc3/VerifySenateList

2) Select your institution from the list
3) Input your undergraduate Matriculation Number
4) Type your surname
5) Select day, month, and year of birth
6) Click on SEARCH

If your name has been forwarded by your school senate, it’ll bring up your details. This means you can head straight to payment portal to print your CallUp Letter.

If your name is yet to be sent, what you see is “No record found. ”
In a situation whereby your record isn’t on the nysc senate approved list, then you’re advised to contact your school for verification of the approved list.

PCM should head straight to the portal to verify your name!

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