List of CBN certified money transfer operators

List of CBN certified money transfer operators

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has once again reaffirmed the names of money transfer operators certified to handle remittances for Nigerians in Diaspora.

It listed 35 money transfer operators and issued strong warnings to Nigerians in Diaspora against patronizing unlicensed money transfer operators. money-transfer-operator

35 licensed operators authorised by CBN to handle remittances of money to Nigeria on behalf of Nigerians in the Diaspora are:

  1. Aftab Currency Exchange Limited
  2. AWS Malta Limited
  3. Caperemit UK Limited
  4. Cashpot Limited
  5. Centrexcard Limited
  6. Colony Capital Limited
  7. CP Express Limited
  8. Daytona Capital Management Limited
  9. DT&T Corporation Limited
  10. eTransact Limited
  11. Fiem Group LLC
  12. DBA Ping Express
  13. First Apple INC.
  14. First Transfer INC
  15. Foren Money Limited
  16. Funtech Global Communications Limited
  17. GDM Transfer Pty Limited
  18. Homesend S.C.R.L
  19. IDT Payment Services INC
  20. Moneygram moneygram-logo
  21. Nouveau Mobile Limited
  22. Pagatech Limited
  23. Refitok International Limited
  24. Ria Financial ria-money-transfer
  25. Sanaa Capital LLC (Money4 Diaspora Services LLC)
  26. Small World Financial Services Group Limited
  27. TCF Limited
  28. Trans-Fast Remittance LLC
  29. UAE Exchange Centre
  30. LLC Venture Garden Nigeria
  31. Vtnetwork Limited
  32. Wari Limited
  33. Weblink International Limited
  34. Western Union
  35. Wi-Pay Global LLC
  36. Worldremit Limited

The bank said the illegal operators use Naira accounts opened in local commercial banks to lure unsuspecting customers with ridiculous exchange

“Nigerians in the Diaspora are advised not to patronize unlicensed International Money Transfer Operators, as they stand the risk of losing their hard-earned money,” CBN’s spokesperson, Isaac Okorafor, said in Abuja.

He warned deposit money banks (DMBs) against being used for such illegal transactions, “Central Bank will not hesitate to block such accounts when discovered and the operators will be handed over to the law enforcement agencies for prosecution.”

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