Free E-book: Top 10 job search strategies by MyMarketability

Download free E-book: Top 10 job search strategies by MyMarketability

“To make sure you don’t have to spend months searching and searching, not receiving calls back, or not being able to close your interviews, I’m going to share my top 10 job search strategies. These are practical techniques that help my clients land their ideal roles everyday.”

Do you still use the old ways of job search in this digital world? If your answer is, “YES” then this e-book on the most effective strategies is for you.

Even if you’re aware of the newest job search strategies you’ll still get some tips in this free e-book that’ll help expand the approach you already know on how to find the job of your dream.

In this free e-book, “10 Practical Strategies to Accelerate your Job Search Success” Diana YK Chan of My Marketability reveals the top workable strategies that will help you in your job search.

With 10 chapters (36-page), this e-book will provide you the support and guidance you need to find a fulfilling career faster.

  1. Set achievable career goals
  2. Do your research
  3. Know what value you have to offer
  4. Understand the hiring requirements
  5. Use relevant keywords
  6. Develop a R.A.R.E resume (R: relevant keywords; A: accomplishment-oriented; R: results-oriented; E: easy-to-screen)
  7. Have a networking plan
  8. Master your glowing introduction
  9. Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  10. Have a job search strategy


Diana YK Chan is a career coach and founder of My Marketability, so she’s well versed in the areas of job search strategies for job seekers across the world.



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