N-Power: How to Change Default City from Abuja to your preferred City/State

Every applicant in the ongoing Nigerian Federal Government’s Social Initiative programme-N-Power-has a profile. Applicant’s profile contains his details and where such applicant wants to be posted for duties.


This option is no longer available. Your state and city of choice is what N-power will update on your NPVN Portal, however you may want to check this out:

N-power 2017 NPVN Portal: How to add, correct bank details and upload your photo:

But I discovered that my profile read ABUJA as my place of duty as against OSUN STATE (which I filled during application) in a recent check on my profile.

It means ABUJA is a default State/City for N-Power. You have to change it if you don’t want to be deployed to the Federal Capital Territory.

To confirm this I checked for nine different applicants who filled their place of residence as their place of duty, but unfortunately, saw ABUJA in the profile.

How can I change or edit my NPower Profile?n-power-teach-online-assessment-test-schedule

Don’t you worry, that’s the essence of this research: How N-Power Applicants can update their profile.

This is how you can update your N-Power Profile

Step 1: Enter N-Power official website at https://portal.npower.gov.ng/index.html#

Step 2: On the home page you’ll find the following:

  • Home
  • About N-Power
  • N-Power Programmes
  • Contact Us
  • Log In to Assessment Portal
  • Schedule

If you can’t find the above on the home page, then click on the N-Power logo. It’ll display those options I just listed.

Click on Log In to Assessment Portal

Step 3: Use your phone number and your surname as your login details.

Login at https://portal.npower.gov.ng/testing/login/index.php. And click on log in

Note: If your surname doesn’t work as your password, use your first name; if your first failed, then use your last name as your password. Make sure they’re typed in small letters.

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Step 4: If you’re able to login successfully, you’ll see on top of the page your name.

Click on your name. Clicking on your name will show a drop-down; That’s your Dashboard menu containing five options:

  1. Profile
  2. Grades
  3. Messages
  4. Preferences
  5. Log out

Step 4: Click on “profile”

Credit: npower portal
Credit: npower portal

On the left side of your screen you’ll see “User Details” that shows applicant’s “Country” “City/Town.”

If the town you chose during application is different from what you’re seeing in your profile under “City/Town” then there is need to edit or update your N-Power profile.

Step 5: In front of the “User Details” is “Edit profile”

Click on it to display the following “general information” about you:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Email display
  • City/town
  • Select a country
  • Timezone
  • Description

Scroll down to the fifth option “CITY/TOWN to change it to your preferred state or city.

You’re done, then scroll down to click on UPDATE PROFILE. Then log out


How to edit your Npower profile: other info about you

If you wish to update other information about you, then you can take some steps further to explore your Npower profile.


Applicants’ profile is subdivided into five sections: General, User picture, Additional names, Interest, and Optional

Section 1: General

First part of your Npower profile contains the information I just listed above (First name, surname etc).

We just treated that in the first aspect of this tutorial.

So, let’s move on…access-npower-online-assessment-test

Section 2: User picture

The second part of your Npower Profile is your picture. Here, you’re expected to have your passport photograph uploaded.

But unfortunately you can’t upload your picture at the moment. You may have to wait till that option is made available.

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Section 3: Additional names

The third part contains your additional names:

  • First name – phonetic
  • Surname – phonetic
  • Middle name
  • Alternate name

You may not need to bother yourself about this if you’ve not got any change of names.

Section 4: Interest

What are your interests? Is it reading? Sleeping? Travelling? This is the section where you can list all your interests.

You can list as many interests of yours as possible: just enter the tags, it’ll come up and you select, that’s all.

Section 5: Optional

This section contains the following:

  • Web page
  • ICQ number
  • Skype ID
  • AIM ID
  • Yahoo ID
  • MSN ID
  • ID number
  • Institution
  • Department
  • Phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Address

If you don’t have any other info to add to this section, it’s better to live the way it is, PLEASE.


That’s all!

All the best

N-Power Support Centre numbers

If you’re having any difficulty updating your profile, call any of the following N-Power Support Centre numbers:






Email: info@npower.gov.ng

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N-Power Disclaimer

The processes for applying for and / or being selected for the N-power programme are open and transparent.

The selection criteria will be published and made public.

The criteria will seek to identify the applicants that will be best suited to the objectives of the programme in a fair, reasonable and consistent manner.

Any claim by any individual and / or group suggesting any influence of a political, religious or similar nature will be a factor in the N-power programme is false and should be rejected.

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There is no truth in any claim that suggests there are set allocations or quota under the N-power programme for any political group or party.

Exchange of money and/or services for placement in the N-power programme is prohibited. Any individual and / or group making any financial request or similar demands from any applicant do so fraudulently and must be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Registration and selection for the N-power programme is absolutely free.7. It is your duty to be vigilant and beware of fraudsters who intend to take advantage of gullible or uninformed citizens.

The Federal Government has NOT and will NOT place additional burden on citizens who wish to be employed.N-Power Programme Team

The Federal Government of Nigeria has designed the N-Power Programme to drastically reduce youth unemployment. The focus is to provide our young graduates and non-graduates with the skills, tools and livelihood to enable them advance from unemployment to employment, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The first phase of N-Power will target Nigeria’s critical needs in education, agriculture, technology, creative, construction and artisanal industries.

N-Power is also preparing Nigeria for a global outsourcing push where our young Nigerians can export their services to work on global projects that earn Nigeria, foreign exchange.

What is unique about this programme?

  • Supported by both government and the private sector
  • Approved for funding under the social investment programme
  • Comprehensive support given to participants
  • Offers clear progression pathways into gainful employment


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  1. my local government of origin was correctly written, but my local government of residence was erroneously written in the online registration. please how can solve this problem and where should i go for physical verification. Thanks

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