#Recession: My experience with recession in Nigeria

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For the first time since the excruciating #recession began (though recession has always been part of common Nigerian masses) I comfortably finished eight, yes 8, raps of fufu.


Fufu is a West African dish made from mashed cassava, eaten rolled into balls as the starchy accompaniment to soups or stews

I was amazed I rolled those balls down my tommy. I had to count the number of nylon to be sure.

Last year, I struggled hard to finish four raps.

This disparity in the size/quantity of a rap of #fufu doesn’t only affect fufu, but all other consumables.

We now have 100% decrease in the size of all food items, more than 90% in #inflation rate.

Spending more on little.


What’s your experience with the current economic recession?

“The size of noodles has drastically reduced. Two packets is no longer enough for me. I have to eat like three packets to be full. Worse still you go to the market to buy foodstuff and the prices increase astronomically every week. It’s just a sad phenomenon.”— Adaora Opah

“I still find it hard to believe that I’m in Nigeria, and sometimes its like Aliens have taken over the government. this Matrix is complicated, anyway we will escape these bullets.”— Peter Aigbokhan

“This system is totally unbelievable. They keep crying there is no revenue when they refuse to see through responsible businesses on there tables in the offices simply book it is from some persons they see as threat to them. Bureaucratic bottlenecks looking to destroy others even if it destroys economic growth.”— Jimmy Chuks Orsu

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