WhatsApp chats likely to appear on Facebook wall: How to deactivate it

  • Will WhatsApp share my chats on Facebook?

How to deactivate your WhatsApp chats from appearing on your Facebook wall.

I’m yet to see or read any formal announcement by Facebook Founder Mark Zukerberg that WhatsApp chats will now appear on Facebook timeline.whatsapp-chats-to-facebook

But unknowingly to me, “Share my account info” has been added to WhatsApp early 2016, “Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook to improve my Facebook experiences.”

But, I was able to disable WhatsApp from sharing my Chats on your Facebook in five simple steps I’ll be sharing with you.

Hey, don’t forget this…

All the major acquisitions of social platform and products by Zukerberg are purposely for business. That means Terms of Service might change anytime without you knowing it.

whatsapp-to-share-chats-on-facebook“The WhatsApp deal will help Facebook play a more important role in getting more people connected,” Chief Executive Officer of facebook Zukerberg had said when he spoke during a keynote session on the opening day of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on February 24, 2014.

“It’s unclear exactly what information will exchanged between the two services, but the Contact List seems a obvious starting point,”Expree.co.uk writes on January 25, 2016 in its post titled, “Facebook is making some major changes to your WhatsApp data.

To corroborate this speculation about Facebook using users’ WhatsApp activities, I got an audio message on WhatsApp from a friend this morning, saying WhatsApp plans to start sharing WhatsApp Chats on Facebook beginning from any moment from now (he specifically said Wednesday September 14, 2016).whatsapp-chats-to-facebook

“Mark Zukerberge of Facebook acquired WhatsApp and what he’s gonna do is trying to connect WhatsApp to Facebook. So, from now till next week Wednesday  automatically everybody’s WhatsApp account has been ticked that every chat you have on WhatsApp will begin to appear on Facebook, and by next week Wednesday that settings will be off. So it means you can never take it off because every private chat you have with every contact on your WhatsApp will automatically appear on Facebook.”

How to deactivate WhatsApp Chats from appearing on Facebook

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Whether it’s a speculation or not, I want to believe that someone would acquire a product for $19 billion without financial gain or interest.

So, I guess you want to disallow WhatsApp from sharing your chats on Facebook? According to the info, this is how to do it:whatsapp-latest-updates

Five easy steps to disable WhatsApp from sharing your Chats on your Facebook wall

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp App

Step 2: Go to settings. When you click on settings, the following options come up: Account, Chats, Notifications, Data Usage, About and Help, Contacts

Step 3: Click on account. Account brings up privacy, security, Change number, delete account, Share my account info.

Step 4: Look through you see “share account information.” It’s automatically ticked

Step 5: Click on “don’t share” better still, untick if it’s already ticked.

That’s all.


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