FCMB launches #FlexxYourCreativity to motivate Young fashion accessories designers

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2016)

Do you want a chance to showcase your creative works like Beads, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets, Rings, Hair Bands etc. on an acclaimed fashion stage? Then, the FCMB #FlexxYourCreativity contest is just for you!

“We are glad to launch #FlexxYourCreativity Contest which will hopefully go a long way in helping these young Nigerians find their feet in business.” — Group Head Corporate Affairs of FCMB Mr. Diran Olojo

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) today launched #FlexxYourCreativity Contest to discover, promote and inspire young fashion accessories designers in Nigeria

#FlexxYourCreativity Contest is aimed at discovering fashion accessories designers aged between 16-25 years, who need financial support to expand their business.


The winner of the #FlexxYourCreativity contest will receive N150,000 to grow their business with a chance to accessorize the models at the Dare2Dream Season 3 Grand Finale in September.

The second prize winner will get N100,000 and a ticket-for-two to the Grand Finale, while the third place winner will smile home with N50,000 and a ticket-for-two to the Grand Finale.

Pulse.ng quoted FCMB’s Divisional Head of Retail Banking, Mr. Olu Akanmu, saying #FlexxYourCreativity Contest was designed to empower young Nigerians to become business owners, “FCMB’s Flexx is more than just an account. It is a lifestyle platform that offers Fun, future and Banking.”

Mr. Olu submitted that that more young people needed encouragement to develop entrepreneurial skills which would allow them not only be financially independent, but also grow the economy by being employers of labour.

“We are optimistic that the #FlexxYourCreativity contest will encourage more people who have small businesses and need support to grow them,” he said.

 How to participate in FCMB #FlexxYourCreativity Contest

Submit your entry on https://apply.fcmb.com/contest/apply.php

Simply upload a picture of your creative design like Beads, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets, Rings, Hair Bands etc. and invite your friends to vote for you

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You’ll need the following information: Your first name, your last name, your email address, registered telephone numbers, your Flexx Account number

Click enter contest through http://flexxzone.fcmb.com/

Invite your friends to vote or you

Stand a chance to win if you’re the contestants with the most votes

 Requirements for #FlexxYourCreativity Contest

To enter  #FlexxYourCreativity Contest, applicant must be at least 18 years old at the time of entry.

The Contest is not open to employees of First City Monument Bank (“FCMB”) or members of their immediate families.

Applicants must Flexx Account holder. He/she can quickly open one before entering the contest.

 Guidelines of #FlexxYourCreativity Contest

Participants and Winners are responsible for transporting themselves to and from the venue of the Dare2Dream Grand Finale in Lagos as needed Prizes won during The Contest are not transferable to another person.

Tickets to the Dare2Dream Grand Finale (“The Grand Finale”) which form part of the rewards for The Contest are not exchangeable for cash.

The Contest deadlines including entry submission and voting deadlines are as indicated on different banners and promotional materials.

FCMB’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the competition will be final and binding on all participants.

FCMB does not assume responsibility for accommodation, transportation or logistics at any point during The Contest.

FCMB reserves the right use all creative assets including participant pictures, videos, graphics and other material related to The Contest in promotion of its Flexx product.

By entering this competition, participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

#FlexxYourCreativity Contest by FCMB. Photo credit: Facbook(FCMBMyBank)
#FlexxYourCreativity Contest by FCMB. Photo credit: Facbook(FCMBMyBank)

Entry Submissions

Entry into #FlexxYourCreativity Contest shall be strictly through the FCMB Flexx microsite :http://flexxzone.fcmb.com/

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Only Flexx account holders are eligible to participate in The Contest. Any entry discovered to have been submitted by a non-Flexx account holder will be immediately disqualified at whatever point during The Contest this discovery is made.

All contestants moving to the next stage will be contacted by organizers to provide the next piece.

New submissions for Stages 2-3 are required within 24 hours after voting for the previous stage ends (for instance, if voting at Stage 2 ends on a Monday, contestants moving to Stage 3 will be required to submit their new entries by the following day, which is Tuesday).

All entries submitted are expected to be created directly by the contestants.

Submission of pictures of accessories created by someone else or purchased is strictly prohibited.

Random checks will be carried out on participants at various times during the course of the event and may include invitation to a venue to demonstrate their skills in person.

Any contestant discovered to have submitted an entry that cannot be replicated during the random check will be immediately disqualified at whatever point through the course of The Contest this discovery is made.

 Closing Date

#FlexxYourCreativity Contest entry submission closes on Tuesday, August 23, 2016


#FlexxYourCreativity Contest comprises three (3) distinct stages:

Stage 1 (Entry submission): This will last for 5 days and all contestants will be required to upload one picture of the accessory they created as an entry into The Contest. Once a contestant submits an entry, members of the public can immediately start voting for that entry.

The 20 entries with the most votes at the end of the Entry submission window will move to Stage 2.

Stage 2 (Semi-finals): Winners from Stage 1 will be required to submit another piece, which will again be open to public voting for 2 days. The 5 entries with the most votes will move to Stage 3 (Finals):

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Winners from Stage 2 will be required to submit a final piece.

They may also be required to submit a short video showing them at work or attend an onsite creative session in Lagos or any such method as may be devised to ensure they are not passing off someone else’s work as theirs. The selection of the winner at this stage will be both by a panel of judges and public voting, with the latter’s decision holding the greatest weight.


Members of the public can vote for their preferred entries once everyday 5 tickets to the Grand Finale will be given out to members of the voting public. Winners of this ticket will be those who correctly answer the random questions about FCMB Flexx, which will be asked during the course of The Contest

Are you a fashion accessories designer aged between 16-25 years? Do you need capital to support your business?

Do you want a chance to showcase your creative works like Beads, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets, Rings, Hair Bands etc. on an acclaimed fashion stage? Then, the FCMB #FlexxYourCreativity contest is just for you!


#FlexxYourCreativity Contest microsite



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