Meet Frank Onyeka, CEO of TOBEQUE COUTURE

“I aim at the heavens, so at least if I fall, it’ll be on the sky.”

FRANK ONYEKA is our entrepreneur of the week. He’s the creative mind behind TOBEQUE COUTURE, a fashion designing organisation that creatively uses clothes to bring out human-shape.OBEQUE-COUTURE-designs

Frank Onyekar Nwabude is one of Nigeria’s top designers. Today, he has come through the ranks of emerging designers; he has also mastered and reinforced his place in the fashion design industry.

Frank began his design career in his early 20’s by creating and making garments for his friends and family, which in turn strengthened and boost his confidence to design outside his comfort zone. He was groomed by SHEGZYKOOL AESTHETIC, and went on to work for some other fashion brands.

His craftsmanship is weaved around his diverse background, uniquely cut designs and high quality fabric choices. His understanding of a woman’s curve inspires him to bring out the best in women of all shapes and sizes. He provides his female and male clients with great customer service by interpreting their creative designs while incorporating his design aesthetic.


In the beginning of year 2013, Frank Onyekar started his very own clothing line called TOBEQUE COUTURE. This line carries a variety of styles for both men and women from the finest luxury clothes, to traditional and everyday wear.

The love for the complexity of fashion and design has made Frank Onyekar a force to be reckoned with in the fashion design industry. His high standard craftsmanship and incomparable measure of services makes TOBEQUE COUTURE an indisputable brand.

Creative mind behind TOBEQUE COUTURE, Frank Onyeka. Credit: 'Tony
Creative mind behind TOBEQUE COUTURE, Frank Onyeka.
Credit: “Tony

I am FRANK ONYEKA. An evolving fashion designer, costume manager, wardrobe consultant, stylist. I am inspired by nature, life, and people. I aim at the heavens, so at least if I fall, it’ll be on the sky, and I am driven by my love for art and nature and that’s my philosophy. Welcome to my world!


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