I knew I was not the only one in his life; But, I had to be the only one who could do what no other could do to him (at least here on earth).

From my exhausted position on the bed, I watched as he jogged off happily. The plan was to make him exhausted and not the other way round. Anyway, I immediately riveted my gaze to the clock. It was 17:00hrs AGAIN! Every day for the past weeks, he had taken to jogging off to God-knows-where at this time. I sensed my man was no longer mine alone.

“Am I no longer appealing or interesting?”

“Have I exhausted all the skills in my secret Kama sutra book?”

“Have I desecrated any of the feminine codes to keep-him-coming-back?”

“Has my smile suddenly lost its charm?”


I could barely contain myself as I watched all the questions pile up and reflect back at me from my mirror.

Although I was in a dilemma, I realized he had not changed or even abandoned me which should be the characteristics of a boy who has got a new toy. The light bulb on top of my head came on and I scurried into the closet sniffing for unfamiliar scents and searching for dried lipsticks (that were not mine) and yes… I also searched his pockets for packs of rubbers and somehow felt I will know if he used any… Don’t ask how but, take it from me guys, women can sense this things and most times, you just confirm her thoughts. She may not say anything because she is not sure or doesn’t need a rumble in her relationship but she knows something believe me.


Well, I sat up at night waiting for him to mutter her name or fumble strange words but, none were forth coming.

“This guy was just too clean or playing too smart,” I thought.

At 17:00hrs again, I activated my battle gloves and wore my ‘game-on’ face as I flexed my muscles in the air and moved my feet like Mohammed Ali. Oh yes, I muttered “fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee” while putting on his red and white jersey.

‘Someone was definitely going to get some today’ I thought to myself.

I was grateful for my black belt classes. He had time to settle in and I knew from the look of the outside, we were going to turn a glass house upside down.


I pulled myself together and stepped into this cozy looking atmosphere hoping to catch them entwined like brick and lace but, his voice caught me in my pace.

‘Love is really wicked!’ I gasped under my breath.

I was a gunner; my feet froze to the spot for that instant.

“Over here honey” he was smiling that smile I know. He came over and whispered in my ear, “You are not properly dressed for this game. That is my football club jersey you have on and it is an Olympic football game today. Hope you know that boxing gloves are not needed on a football pitch”. He chuckled and led me to his table.


In my anxiety, I had missed the sign post outside with an inscription of VIEWING CENTRE and I felt so silly because the generator was undergoing repairs and of course you can add the price of fuel now. And power is some sort of luxury in our neighborhood at this time of day.

I really could not tell him I had been jealous of football. Lol.

Well, at least I know who he cheats on me with (at least at the moment). Trust me when I say that night, he made me to start looking forward to the aftermath of the 17:OOhrs journey.

Whoever invented the Olympics anyway?

Let’s leave that till another day.




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