WAEC fraud: Beware of fake WAEC official inducing you with result upgrade

Lemme put it straight: “Upgrading of WAEC result is a fraud”

Following the official release of 2016 May/June of the West African Examination Council (WAEC), I wanted to know how desperate students were to get a better result.

I headed to Google with the search string, “2016 WAEC result upgrade.” Google coughed out tones of result on how students who wrote the exam could upgrade their results.

Some of Google results are:

  • Check and upgrade my result
  • 2016 WAEC result upgrade
  • Pure 2016 WAEC result upgrading
  • Click 2016 WAEC result upgrading and lots more


The fraud messages and articles are being circulated on forums, facebook, and other social media platforms by fake WAEC officials who are themselves monumental failures in their West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) result.


How real is WAEC result upgrade?

Upgrading of WAEC result is a fraud. It’s unfortunate that those that have been defrauded are not always bold to tell the world of how they’ve been defrauded in the quest to jack up their F9s to A1s.

Tactics used by 419 WAEC officers

You must have seen or read a story of “How I was assisted by a designated WAEC official.” Stare clear of such fraud persuasive messages.

Some of them would claim they’re the real officer in charge to upgrade WAEC result. Some would even warn you to be careful so that you’re not scammed.


Samples of fraudulent WAEC Upgrade messages

Below are some of the samples of messages being circulated on the internet by 419ners persuading candidates to upgrade their results.

Things to watch out: Grammatical errors; punctuation errors etc.

“I want to thank SAMBO IYAMA for helping me in my wace 2015 a friend told me that I should go and check it and it was out, I went to check my result 2 Days ago and I Was having f9 in my english and biology and even in my chemistry and it is my third time of writing wace examination I was opportune to get in contact with waec official and I explained to him every thing that happened and he ask for my exam details and I submitted it to him and just to my surprise I saw a my wace result Was upgraded to B2 and having c6 in others and am so happy he could help me because he was my last hope and I will not be greedy to also share his number for those who failed WACE having f9 in their wace results here is his number 08134994835 and his name is MR SAMBO IYAMA”


“WAEC is out now. Congratulations for those that sat for WAEC examination , good news to all WAECcandidate. We the board members of administrator of WAEC senior officer have promised to assist every candidate who did not do well in their exam hall or you also have problem with your result. if you have any problem with your result or you want to credit all your WAEC result , and we are willing to assist you when you contact us , please kindly call us to assist you in your result . Call ( 08119276532 ) for help now . { warning , do not contact anybody you meet on internet or WAEC site pretending they can help you and collect money from you, they are all scam . Contact only WAEC senior officer now and your problem we solve.”


“My name is Adedeji Miracle i wrote my waec of this year just on friday when i checked my result it was very bad most especially my mathematics and english language was faild and i am so disturb because i am a jamb bite of this year and am so desperate to be in school this year because all my friend are all already in school last year and i don’t want to stay home again this year so on my brousing in the internet i ment a student talking how his result was been upgraded by Mr Fadipo and so many more comments about him like helping student also to releasing their withhed results so i have to give atry but at first i did not believe it until i crossed my mined and but a call to Mr Fadipo and i explained everything to him also i told one of my friend about it but he was like discouraging me that it is a fake but the way Mr Fadipo talked to me does not give me any sign that is a fake,so i give a try by trusting him and i sent my weac details to him so to my greatest surprised now i just checked my result and all the faild subjects was been upgraded,once again thanks to Mr Fadipo for is kind gensture,you can reach him through this number 08143068500.


“WAEC 2016/2017 result upgrade Hello, my name is Matida. From delta state,i was among the WAEC candidates last year 2015, i wrote my WAEC examination again this year 2016, my dad called me to know if i had made it? i have written the WAEC over 4 times now and i have not made it so this last time now i was praying that God should please see me through, when i wrote and i passed the rest 7 subjects except Maths and English which is what is holding me back since the last 4 years now, i was very confused and frustrated, A friend of mine that i told directed me to Mrs.Gladness, said to me that i should call her, this woman really helped me upgraded my results now am having maths that was E8 upgraded to A1 and and English D7 as A1 to my greatest surprise she did it and it was for real, so my brothers and sisters please contact this woman on her office number: 09052695605 please do not call any other person okay because there are lots of scam out there so call this woman she can help you out. now she can also credit your WAEC result subjects and for checking and upgrading of score, Pending/ witheld Results Issues call her office on: 09052695605 for help. This Is 100% Guaranteed, Interested candidates Should call Now!: 09052695605 Charges Applies and 100%Guaranteed. Thanks to Mrs.Gladness i am grateful MA.”


“Helllo the good citizen of Nigeria its painful that so many people out there would always remain with there problems hereby forgetting that we are in a country that everything is possible as long as you find your way to that he/she that has the link to get you whatever you want. have we all forgotten that the WAEC, JAMB, GCE etc scores/ grades is or was uploaded by somebody, the scores/grades does not just appear on the net on its own, the same people can change it to whatever they want if they so desire. therefore i bring this to you all out there; that has issues with his/her results should call the number below for upgrading.and that exam failure would turn to joyful CALL MR OSAS on this number:08147461232 he help me to upgrade my WAEC G.C.E.”

“Hello every body greetings to you all, My name is Faith last year i wrote WAEC and all my papers where withheld of which i was already given admission into the university, I look around and think of what to do, I cried all day because i don’t want to stay at home for another one year. One day, i saw a post on the internet by one Johnson thanking Mr. Nicholas Bello on how he helped him release and upgrade his result so i called the number that was on the post and Mr. Nicholas Bello the WAEC official told me not worry and stop crying that my problems are over that he will help me release my result which to my greatest surprise my result was release and he also upgrade my Chemistry right now am very happy and thankful to Mr. Nicholas Bello and to the almighty God for leading me to my helper. so any candidate who have this same problems or want to upgrade his/her result should call Mr. Nicholas Bello on his number. 07067768064 thank you very much sir and God bless you…




“WAEC exam is not easy to pass, My own was a different case cause I failed the subjects I need most I tried to look for were I could get help then a friend of mine gave me one of the WAEC officer’s number Mr ken telling me how he has been helping many people in their waec result and I called him he told me not to worry that he will help me upgrade the subject so I put all my trust in him though I have not seen him before the he told me to send my exam details and the next day he told me to go and check I was surprise and I went, I checked and I saw the great work he did all thanks to Mr ken my result was upgraded so if you need the same help in upgrading or you are having a withheld result here is some one you can trust you can call Mr ken on 08069528122”


“Out of my busy schedule, Am out here one more time to let you all that wrote WAEC,JAMB,NECO,WAEC GCE AND NECO GCE many years ago and the recent concluded WAEC EXAM AND THE ONGOING NECO EXAM to know that i am the only solution to your exam problems. Did you make mistake on your date of birth,your names,you did not write any subject well and need to get it upgraded,or you need answers to questions on the on going NECO EXAM and also you need to upgrade any of the exams you wrote in the past, The solution is here. If you know you wrote the just concluded WAEC and you know there are some subjects that you need upgrade on them, It is the right time to call now that the upgrading price is still very cheap and not on it high side. Because if the result is out it will be double the normal price. Is me personally making this post Mr Alex. My direct phone number is:07032076032 call to get every of your exam problems solved.”


“I’m Eric from delta state. i am here to thank MR KUNLA for helping me to upgrade my WAEC result. i have being sitting for this same exams for the past 3 years now.i just recently check my 2015 waec result and i found out that i failed physics and maths.i could not tell my parents about my present waec result because they put all their hope on me for this very last one that i wrote.i was in so much pain i have no option than to tell my friend precious about my 2015 waec result.she told me not to worry that she will introduce me to a man who help her in upgrading her result last year, that was how she introduce me to MR David who work in WAEC headquarter office in abuja.when i contacted him and i explain my present predicament to him he told me not to worry that he can help me. he told me to send my exams details to him which i did.he called me yesterday that i should go and check my result again, i was so happy he help me to upgrade my waec result and he gave me B2 in maths and A1 in physics.if you’re having similar issue or problem like this i want you to contact MR KUNLA 08165708247”


Phone numbers of fake WAEC officers

These are some of the phone numbers used by the 419 persuading students to upgrade their result.

  • 07060619787
  • 07088676564
  •  08119276532
  • 08143068500
  • 09052695605
  • 08147461232
  • 08133846579
  • 08134994835
  • 08165708247
  • 07032076032
  • 08069528122
  • 07067768064

Some of them use “waec” in their email addresses (sample: waec182@gmail.com). It’s a ploy to make you believe that they real WAEC officials. They’re not. Watch out!


The perpetrators of this criminal act are likely to change their tactics, phone numbers, the message I’m passing across is: No WAEC official or its agent will publicly advertise for upgrade of result.

If you already failed the exam the only solution is to go back to the drawing board; short cut to success is always costly.

If some of your classmates could have 9As in all subjects, you too can. YOU CAN DO IT!

Have you been a victim of WAEC result upgrade? Share your experiences.

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