Inspiring story of Paul Pogba by Joshe Ayo Mero

Paul Pogba of France left Manchester United four years ago as an apparent failure. For all his years at the club, he only appeared seven times in the red devil’s jersey and he didn’t even make a complete 90 minutes action in a game.

No club was willing to invest in him and United were not ready to renew his contract, so he left for only a nominal fee.

Juventus, however, saw in him a gold mine almost ready for harvest. They therefore signed him up for free and in four years won four league cups with him!!


Today, the same Manchester United have broken the world record to re-sign this rejected stone who has now become an envy of all in world football.

With the mind boggling fee of £212 million traceable to his signings and salaries for five years, Pogba story has taught the world a massive lesson!!


Believe in yourself no matter what today may bring…Hibernate when necessary and keep WORKING on yourself till the sleeping giant in you arise in full force.

Someday, the world will come looking for you, IF you don’t give up!

Like Peak; It’s in You!!

Be inspired!!


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